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As “ to clear “ organism? Toxins, on an exit!

Recently in a rating “ civilization diseases “ one of the first positions is occupied by a toksemiya - organism poisoning with toxins. Why it happens to us and how not to allow it?

Toxins (toxikon (Greek) - poison) are the substances of a bacterial, vegetable or animal origin capable to oppress physiological processes in an organism, leading to a disease or even death. By the chemical nature all toxins are proteins or polypeptides. At various diseases and a metabolic disorder in their organism appears especially much.

In the modern world toxins meet literally continually: air is polluted by exhaust gases of cars and emissions of industrial productions; food, household chemicals, cosmetics comprise the mass of additives - fragrances, dyes, preservatives; people poison themselves with alcohol, drugs, tobacco.

Toxins, moving on an organism with blood, are removed through eliminative organs, but partially and remain in fabrics, every year collecting more and more, preventing work of internals and suppressing the vital functions of an organism. Besides, natural functioning of an organism is resulted also by accumulation of products of a metabolism - the secretory system not always copes with the work for 100%.

All this also leads to toksemiya . One and all are subject to this phenomenon, but especially the smokers, people consuming a large amount of alcohol and junk food, the residents of megalopolises, patients who completed a long course of drug treatment get to risk group. whether

Is possible “ to clear “ organism?

can Clear an organism of toxins. And moreover, it needs to be done regularly, at least once in half a year. Disposal of toxins promotes the general rejuvenation of an organism, normalizes a metabolism, improves work of internals, promotes weight reduction, improvement of a condition of skin, hair and nails.

There are many ways of cleaning of an organism of toxins, each of which has the pluses and minuses. Clinical methods of a detoxication (for example, a gidrokolonoterapiya) are effective, but in view of a large number of contraindications, high cost and need to have rather free time for passing of a course from 7 - 10 procedures, are inaccessible for most of people.

The most popular methods are dietary supplements and national methods today. Action of the majority of dietary supplements - detoksikant is based on sorption properties - in other words, they contain transit substances which absorb in themselves toxins and bring them out of an organism. Before beginning reception of this or that preparation, it is recommended to consult with the expert as efficiency of this or that dietary supplement depends on specific features of an organism. When passing a course of a detoxication it is recommended to drink as much as possible liquid, for simplification of removal of toxins through kidneys. And as together with toxins with liquid also useful elements are removed (calcium, magnesium, etc.) it is necessary to combine reception of detoksikant and mineralno - vitamin complexes.

From folk remedies in house conditions herbal teas from mint, lindens, camomiles, fennel, a dogrose, a birch are often applied.

the Plaster against toxins

in the Russian market appeared Recently essentially new product intended for an organism detoxication - ToxiNet plaster.

ToxiNet represents a sack with active ingredients which fastens on feet of legs by means of the special fixing plaster entering a set.

The principle of action of ToxiNet is based on traditional reflexology. On foot of the person the greatest number of reflex points is located, each of which is connected with this or that body.

The main active ingredients of a plaster are tourist`s raspberries and bamboo vinegar. Tourist`s raspberries possesses local vasodilating action: heating up to body temperature, it improves blood circulation, promotes expansion of a time, opening “ exit “ to toxins, and bamboo vinegar contains the elements adsorbing toxins (including heavy metals). Thus, toxins literally “ are extended “ from all organism through reflex zones also remain in a plaster, painting it in dark color. In process of clarification of an organism from toxins color of the used plasters will be lighter and is lighter. Duration of a course depends on specific features of an organism - it can make from 5 to 15 days.

Plasters of ToxiNet can be got in city drugstores.

The goods are certified. RU No. ΤΡΗ 2009/04304 of June 15, 2009.