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You want to become the glamourous star? Play and study!

Fashionable clothes, stylish accessories, expensive cosmetics, gloss, luxury and respectability - all this characteristics of a glamourous way of life. And you know what is a glamour? It appears, even experts in the world of fashion disperse in interpretation of this concept.

One consider it as just youth current where all wear bright clothes, in thingies and pastes. And others proceed from value of the word glamour designating luxury, magnificence, expensive things and accessories of the known brands. Anyway, the glamour is not just beauty, this desire to be allocated from lump, to emphasize the originality and identity. And in it there is nothing reprehensible.

And still glamour means charm charm charm . It means that a glamour - not only irresistible appearance, but also sensual beauty in the behavior filled with charm and seductive manners. Well what little girl does not dream of it, with a sinking heart imagining herself the real heartbreaker!

Most of women dream to feel at least for a while as the real glamourous star submitting people around at first sight. But this does not come, the glamour needs to study too. You do not hurry to wrinkle disappointedly a nose - you should not sit at boring textbooks. Now each woman of fashion has an opportunity to learn the world of a glamour fascinatingly and even in something is creative - new online project Factory of the Glamour will transfer all to the world of fashion, style and beauty

Factory of the Glamour - it is new online - game for the girls liking to create fashionable images, appreciating beauty and modern style.

at the same time entertainment is not a main objective of developers of game, they also set the task to create at young women of fashion correct ideas of a glamour and a modern way of life. Thanking To Factory of the Glamour each girl will be able beautifully to learn to put on, be painted, do a hair, creating the unique style which will make her the real celebutante. Besides, everyone will find new friends and adherents here.

Game gives the chance to women to visit constantly updated shops of fashionable clothes and accessories to participate in competitions, to discuss current trends of the fashionable industry at forums, to leave comments, and the most important - here it is possible to find the mass of new interesting acquaintances. Anyone - registration on the website free can become the new participant of game. At us it is possible to become the fashionable stylist, creating the unique dresses, to feel the interior designer, arranging the house with beautiful and modern furniture, and also to choose to itself a pet.

Factory of the Glamour it is created for those who understand that beauty and style in everything - in clothes, life and even views is the key to success both in career, and in private life. Now each girl can be influenced that she means to be beauty queen or princess of a glamour . Be registered, pass all stages of game together with the character and become the most stylish and talented woman of fashion around the world!

About the " company; " Online Factory;

" Online Factory; - the young and ambitious company aimed at work in the area socially - entertaining services and online - games on the Internet.

We work with projects of the highest level, and quality and innovation of products - our business card. Purpose " Online Factories; - filling empty and formation of new niches and social groups in the market, high-quality increase of the online level - services and culture of use of them in the RuNet.

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