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Placement of surveillance cameras in the conditions of hard frosts.

In the head of the people imprinted feeling at which the video camera is capable to be issued or climatic, or for the room and usually absolutely and it appears as it is the main areas of their placement. However there is also a considerable layer of sites little-known, compatible to indicators for performance of shootings, these are climatic indicators with extreme figures.

External values in the territory of variously wide Russia are sufficient to be different, in Moscow the temperature rating begins from -20 to + 33, and to Tuva citizens are able to live also at - 58, even thieves at these values do not decide to create the mucks, here video surveillance is important at the available low values too. Frost-resistant surveillance cameras are used everywhere and with variable success, the thermocasings giving to working capacity in these conditions are recognized as the leading subject of discussion, foreign production contains a technical limit to - 48 degrees, domestic support up to -51 degrees. In life it is noticed and is documentary clear that Surveillance cameras are capable and much small temperatures because ordinary CMOS removes at minus 10 and when in the case to build in the device with already available side-altar to minus 29, then the new variation will be capable to work at - 71. In regions where not cataclysm, but daily parameters of world around iron covers supplement sharp cold with heaters and heaters on a few units increasing temperature we will notice that the general consumption of the additional equipment will make nearly 155 W. Weak spot in not an unprepared cover the window will be probable it will begin to freeze from what will begin to be deformed, the neglect of regulations of the developer naprvit not only to lack of excellent record, but also to violation of a chamber from work. Protection of the apartment will be under refusal when the executed protection independently does not realize indicators of low resilience of structure of a lens to minuses.

Hard work appears with mechanical chambers, for very small values the American organization tried to build, however it has electricity tension in 120 volts, in other models dense greasing of gears will stop an eyepiece in standard value. Protection of the room in an environment minus22 is possible using dome system in a glass casing with heating, it from acryle is issued and not to try as if by spring will surely burst, such dome for a year in other words is enough. Protection of office under frosty laws sounds so, missed the mark with sealant all bosoms of the equipment, heated better and sleep video. Another matter the southern suburbs of Russia where besides situation with heat on intensive heavenly radiations in the way of installation of awnings, protection of a cottage will entail an arrangement on vulnerable sites of auxiliary chambers with filters on lenses from harmful light. The specified measures are connected with a trifle of dynamic ranges of matrixes from dark 2 Lx. to the light blinding streams. On any protection of houses in critical thermal indicators is possible, a question in financial opportunities of the customer of video surveillance and experience of the designer.