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Criminal fighter Director . What educational reforms are?

So left that in a filmography of the American director Christopher Kane the tape Director - one of two which it is possible for it though somehow to be proud. The second can consider a western Young arrows removed by Kane the next year after a premiere Directors . Neither to, nor after these obvious udach the director did not manage to hook on spectator attention. The wave of inspiration was short-term.

Director - it is history of the school teacher Ric Latimer whom for bad behavior (he carried a baseball bat a sports car of the lawyer - the lover of the ex-wife) raise to the director`s position at the most poor and gangster school of the city, Brandele. According to the movie it is not absolutely clear (more definitely about it and there is no speech) in what city this school is located, but shootings were conducted in California.

... Brandel is not just the last stop, it as local pupils and teachers, a garbage dump which contents farther could not be put are expressed. The majority of present inhabitants were once turned out from other, more decent establishments. Brandel is a foul place of education where teenagers come to school not behind knowledge at all, and behind the next dose or just to hang out in the company of similar idlers.

Latimer who first did not think where exactly the destiny - the villain abandoned him, decides to bring order and to stop the lawlessness which is created within the walls of Brandel. Having secured with support of the head of the security service Jake Phillips (Luis Gosset Jr.) the newly made director carries actively out reforms, since a ban on sale of a grass in school bathrooms and finishing with compulsory visit of all lessons. However, besides it is not clear why those who did not want to attend classes in principle were dragged in school so persistently every day, endangering itself to be jostled in audience?

And all nothing and here only is pleasant to people who not bad heated earlier hands on sale of any shit to school students either the new director, or his uncompromising approach at all. The main obstacle in a way of transformation of Brandel in it is model - indicative so-so - the educational institution is a certain Victor Duncan (Michael Wright), the senior, the keeping all Brandel in awe. Duncan has the gang, there are communications with drug dealers, there is even a gun, and at all there is no respect for the management of school. Moreover, he directly declares that he will kill any who will prevent it to run business. However Ric Latimer, despite peaceful character of the profession, at all not the whipping boy. He is not going to give up so easily and is ready to fight back both Duncan, and all his shobla - a vobla with

On a genre Director represents mix of the social drama and intense thriller. It is less of first, it is more of second, as a result is purely entertaining product with necessary impurity of morals and an action. And though the pistol shot will be distributed in the movie only once, a fight and strong words it will be enough. Especially it was succeeded to embellish a lexicon nasal to translators, especially as the picture just belongs to VHS era.

What does the movie interesting to viewing? First of all, an excellent type of the main character, director Latimer whose role was played by one of my most beloved actors James Belushi. James, whose incredibly successful brother is comedian John ( Brothers Blues ) tragicly died of overdose, also began with comedies. He participated also in a TV show Saturday evening (SNL), and in John Landis`s tape To Trade places (the man in a monkey suit at a party in the train), and in a remake The Person in one red " boot; (the American analog of the well-known French movie with Richard) where he played the character Morris. But the role in " became the real break; Director because in Belushi at last saw not just a shadow of the more famous brother, and a full-fledged star. Soon the excellent tapes " followed; Red heat and To - 9 then there was no doubt left any more. But we will return to our rams.

Certainly, from some dialogues Directors smells slightly sotszakazy, not without it. In the late eighties America under the leadership of Reagan stronger and stronger felt crash of own educational system. School problems together with unknown distribution of sexual freedoms and narcotic substances became national care. Continually in schools shots sounded, and their inhabitants, instead of performance of homeworks, packed up a crack, gave birth to children and periodically went for a lattice.

Anyway, Director - the cinema is qualitative, though a little overloaded with morals. Besides the above-stated actors are engaged in a picture Ray Don Chong (a styuardessochka from Kommando ) and absolutely young Jacob Vargas ( Hills have eyes 2 Deadly race ) . It is also worth noting very vigorous soundtrack and music of the composer Jay Gruski which are favourably emphasizing the intense and most combative moments of the movie.

Further subject the kind teacher against spiteful pupils successfully got accustomed on open spaces Factories of dreams and on screens not absolute clones, then hand-made articles, very close to the original, began to appear if. It concerns such tapes as Replacement (1996) with Tom Berendzher and 187 with Samuel L. Jackson. Perhaps, more prudent and less interesting drama " will also occur; Dangerous minds with Michelle Pfeiffer who to the majority was more remembered by the magnificent song of the rapper of Coolio Gangstas Paradise .

I summarize. The strong Hollywood movie about customs of modern school and that, alas, not all conflicts can be solved words. One of the best roles of James Belushi and precisely the most successful project in a track record of the director Kane.