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How to clear a porn a banner a desktop?

Situation at the front

Other Laboratory. A web noted SMS epidemic - a virus on the Russian space of the Internet, however Opsosa do not scratch to cover shops of extortioners with short numbers. And therefore it is necessary to battle as it is necessary. Recently there were new types viry which are loaded at once together in process of explorer. exe. Dr. Web CureIt does not see them that it does not suffer and to look at a porn - a banner, it is necessary to fill up process of the Explorer. How to kill by name it is possible to read process here. For an example to fill up explorer. exe from a command line is possible so:

TASKKILL/f/im explorer. exe

the Banner at least will be gone and will not prevent to be engaged in treatment.

It is started very simply, it is necessary to gather in a command line (Windows+R): explorer. exe

If turns out, I recommend the first way of treatment to what to be engaged in search of yet not found answer code if it is possible just to return everything as was.

Way 1 (idle time): System recovery of Windows

First of all it is worth executing restoration of Windows OS its means. For this purpose come into the Start-up menu-> Standard-> Office-> System recovery. Or press at the same time a combination of the Windows+R keys. In the appeared " window; To Execute enter rstrui. exe. This same. kindly. If you or your super - the competent acquaintance turned off the " function; System recoveries it is forced to congratulate you: I Congratulate, the Ball, you are a goof! (C). Because this simple utility allows to restore a condition of the register and system files till that time, so far the malware in your territory was not. If you the competent person, then function works and immediately we start restoration. As a rule, the system keeps parameters during switching off, and stores copies of several days, will choose the copy of two-day prescription just in case. After these actions the system will turn into reset and the window will be gone.

At the same time data (documents, movies, music) of the user will remain in an integrity and safety.

Way 2 (convenient): Carry out an inspection free scanners

If there is no Internet, then it is better to use free anti-virus scanners - Dr. Web CureIt or Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool. It is safer to record them with CD and to start them from the drive if there is such opportunity. It is possible and directly from the USB stick as banners and informers do not differ in violent character and to kill Kurit or Removala on the fly will not become. It is obligatory to check the Windows and Users folder (Documents And Settings as before) is a citadel of an infection, exactly there most often strike files viruses and other rubbish.

Way 3 (most reliable): Treatment of LiveCD

are the assemblies provided by some producers in free use for treatment of the infected computers. LiveCD of two producers - Dr. Web LiveCD and Avira Rescue System are the most widespread. I would advise to support domestic producer, believe, at a difficult moment he to support you not less. As a rule, it is self-loading pass - CD which it is possible to write down on usual CD - a pig. After loading Linux - covers (yes) Dr. Web begins to check your computer for existence of malicious software. Besides Dr. Web is able to check also the register.

Way 4 (obligatory): Installation of a reliable antivirus

If is available though some possibility of control of the computer (sometimes there are empty seats at the edges of the screen), then try to establish either Kaspersky Internet Security, or Dr. Web. If you have no antivirus, then it is awful, but for our case it is even good because to put on pure the computer an antivirus is simpler.

If is, and it is one of two listed by me, then establish new versions - they are done not just like that, the new version will be put over old. If other developer - that has to be removed him. By the way, many antiviruses protect themselves already at installation, previously killing all viruses by car, for these purposes of Kaspersky Antivirus is an optimum choice, the real bloody mercenary.

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