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How to download 10 gigabytes on the modem for 1. 5th hour. Instruction.

Here so sometimes happen. from options of Internet connection only the modem. or cellular. or slow provider with the space cost of traffic. and there is a wish to download the new movie or game or a soundtrack. what to do?

An exit is! :)

It is possible to use the " service; files by " mail;. By mail is not on emayl as the advanced people thought, and usual Russian Post . What does it look like?

you visit the website www. filepost. ru - delivery of files from the Internet on disks by mail, and to receive desirable files on disks is very simple, it is enough to execute 5 steps:

1 - To be registered on service and to become authorized under the login and the password;

2 - In the section to download to specify the reference to the necessary file in the Internet;

3 - In section 1. to wait my files until the status of the file becomes it is ready (the file will download to our service), and, having marked out him a tick, to order it;

4 - Repeating actions 2 - 3 for each of files which you want to download, collect files necessary to you in section 2. creation of disks, and, having noted them a tick and having chosen type of a disk (CD/dvd), to send files for creation of an image of a disk;

5 - In section 3. work with orders to wait until the status of a disk becomes it is ready (process of generation of an image of a disk of noted files will come to the end) and, having clicked opposite to a disk name on the link to add to the order (it is possible to order several disks in one order), to add a disk to the order.

to you needs only to choose after that a payment method (cash on delivery, WebMoney or a bank transfer for residents of the Russian Federation, or WebMoney and Western Union for residents of other states) and to issue the order.

your disk will be written down and sent to the address specified at registration not longer than in 5 working days (usually - the next working day) after registration of the order.

after that in section 3. a job with orders the status of the order will be changed on it is sent and you will need only to wait for its arrival by mail.

* More detailed description of opportunities of the " service; File " Mail; well in the section FAQ.

Thus, you order new movies or games, useful software or good music, and do not pay spare cash for a traffic.

the Price of dvd of a disk makes 500 rub, the disk cd price - 150 rub

In terms of megabytes at the order of dvd of a disk (4480Mb) you receive a traffic at the price of 11 kopeks for Mb that is many times cheaper, than at any modem provider.

Very conveniently and quickly enough (in comparison with downloading of 600 MB the modem. or through cellular).

This - service will help when downloading with slow sources or P2P of networks. Not everyone is able to afford to wait for 1 - 2 month until DVD with a speed of 1 kb/Sec. is downloaded :) Simply specify by

the reference and quickly receive result: files on a disk by mail or high-speed access to desirable files.