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How to appropriate foreign idea?

business career is important For you? There are very effective ways, but... doubtful ethics.

On the other hand, you owner of fine and effective idea. But each idea has one very weak place: it can be stolen. To steal, appropriate, give out for the. Absolutely strangers. They will make it sophisticated and is hidden. How? Look. Also preserve the invaluable thoughts.

of 6 ways to appropriate foreign idea. As to make it to the colleague or the head.

Criticize , criticize, criticize. Than stronger you doubt realness, efficiency, need etc. of idea of your colleague, that a high probability of the fact that he will refuse it. Its introduction will begin to doubt and will postpone. At least for a while. It is time to process idea. To modify, dress up in new dresses and to give out for the - in due time and in the right place.

Suppress. do not give the course to ideas of employees. Shelve idea. And having given it time to rest in bed, advance as the. Of course, it is better to transform and modify such idea. Let the owner will see already realized result. Something will be late simple to be undertaken.

Brain storms. It is fashionable, modern, effectively. An excellent opportunity to find the necessary thread in collective discussion. In such whirlpool there will always be a couple of unusual statements. And in a discussion fuse the owner can not always distinguish realistic and effective idea. On the end of discussion it is difficult to reveal the real author of idea. Use such chance.

Announce competitions . Competition on a vacant position with formation and the decision business - cases. Eager to receive Place it is turned out all store rooms of the creative originally to solve a case. Perhaps, the applicant will also not promote. But its intellectual work is useful to you.

Pilot projects. What motivates employees to participate in such projects? Hope for changes, thirst of self-realization or just thirst for new. Not important, in what motive. It is important that the involved employees will return to the departments upon termination of the project. But after their work there will be remarkable ownerless ideas.

Trial period. the Most cynical and rigid method. It is not obligatory to promote overstrained " at all; tester . However, fruits of its activity can always be attached with benefit.

What is necessary? Ability to make out checkpoints ideas. The scepticism destroying confidence of colleagues in success of their ideas. Unscrupulousness. Also do not forget - idea, eventually, a draw. And therefore - yours.