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What dishes to prepare from buckwheat? Buckwheat by right it is possible to call

the favourite among grain on advantage degree for health. It is vitamin-rich groups B, iron, minerals and valuable amino acids. So, include buckwheat in the diet more often, and not only in the form of porridge, but also, for example, in the form of this useful and tasty dessert.


- Second course.

- the Preparation time: 1 hour

- Caloric content: 196 kcal for 1 portion.

- Quantity of portions: 8.

What is necessary:

0,5 glasses of buckwheat unground buckwheat;

1 of h l. vegetable oil;

of 200 g of dried apricots;

of 300 g of cottage cheese;

1 egg;

of 2 tablespoons of honey.

What to do: the Step 1

Grain to touch

. In a pan to boil 1 glass of water, to pour in vegetable oil and to pour buckwheat. To bring to boiling, to remove foam. To reduce fire to a minimum, to cover and cook to readiness.


Dried apricots to wash up, fill in a step with boiled water and to leave for 10 min.; to reject on a colander. To crush a half of dried apricots in the blender in mashed potatoes, to cut other straws. To mix both types of dried apricots.


Cottage cheese to shift a step to a bowl, to add egg and honey. To knead carefully.

A step 4

to Add buckwheat to curds, to mix properly.

A step 5

to put a half of the turned-out weight In a baking dish, to level a surface. To lay out an even layer the prepared dried apricots.

A step 6

to Put from above the remained weight from cottage cheese and buckwheat. To level. To warm an oven to 170 C. With grechneviky it is dense to cover a form with a foil. To bake 25 min. (In 10 min. prior to readiness to remove a foil.) To take out from an oven and to allow to cool down, then to cut on pieces.

Here one more recipe of a dessert from buckwheat. I hope, it will be pleasant to you:

Zrazas from buckwheat with cottage cheese

the Ingredients used in the recipe:

- buckwheat (shredded) - 200 g;

- cottage cheese - 250 g;

- milk - 2 glasses;

- egg - 2 pieces;

- sugar - 2 tablespoons;

- butter - 1 - 2 tablespoon.

Instructions for preparation: to Put cottage cheese in a bowl, to add 1 egg, 1 tablespoon of sugar and it is good to pound everything. If weight turns out very dry, to part it with sour cream. To pour out milk in a pan and to bring to boiling. Then to add to it oil, shredded buckwheat and to cook at weak boiling to readiness. Ready porridge slightly to cool, knead and mix with egg, sugar. To make flat cakes of the received weight, to lay curds on the middle of everyone and to zashchepit as pies.

In a pan to pour a little water and to bring it to boiling. From above on a pan to put a metal colander, to put in it zrazas and a varitn to steam under a cover to readiness. To water ready zrazas before giving with sour cream.


Scientists claim that all grain in a varying degree possesses curative properties, but especially it belongs to buckwheat. Not incidentally on the useful properties and power value it is in the lead in the list of grain made by the famous Japanese nutritionist J. Azava.

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