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How to remain itself? New generation in fight for ecology.

interested Me for a long time that happened to modern society.

Younger generation strongly differs from us, and what it looks, causes horror. It reminds a classical problem fathers and children - the senior generation perceives everything so as if the youth becomes much worse, sillier, more senseless.

Today I looked through a forum Tolkien ru on which life once boiled. They noticed too that something changed. One participant wrote

... I placed two rhymes, Looked the person at fifty. Nobody reacted. This also happened to a forum . One of the most beautiful and interesting fenteziyny movements almost disappeared, values and interests change.

Write that the intellectual level of mankind promptly decreases. The media corporations armed with a modern powerful arsenal of instruments of psychological influence fight for every second of attention of people. Gleams of consciousness are immediately spent for a new psychological trick. And the purpose of these tricks - motivation to buy the next goods or service. This system became global, and, seemingly, any more is operated by nobody. The future came. Also that era by which fantasts - classics frightened begins. And we all thought that it is inventions, and the mankind will go on the way of good and beauty.

Paradox Fathers and children it becomes clear now that it was not only a subjective picture - each subsequent generation becomes valid worse than previous. Looking at them shipped in next online - game, with the absent expression on a face, it becomes clear that they only adapt to reality. To that awful reality by which we allowed to be carried out.

Already in two years, in 2014 it is planned to enter the personal identification chip, there will pass some more years, and it will begin to implant. Diseases and distempers can be won in order that the person could not leave more from a detail role in the car of society.

Already took away the right for free life from us, but time when take away the right and for freedom from mankind adequately to die can come. As chickens on farms, in battery cages, people can lose the remains of freedom and hope. Everything can be justified with safety and when in 50 years in a brain of the child implant the chip in order that it could not deviate the safe road to school, it will be called safety.

But we have still a hope. Our younger generation. Their intelligence is always underestimated, but the modern child of 10 - 16 years considerably surpasses most of adults in depth and accuracy of logic and emotions. And among them there are already those who contrary to public standards and training, itself begin to understand what occurs in our world.

I heard about the movement of teenagers who refuse alcohol, the TV, smoking and drugs. Not because it is harmful to their health. Probably they begin to understand that these things tear apart their personality. They feel that masses is mistaken. They on one wake up in this matrix, and they become more and more.

I want to address them.

- you, those who is now at top of evolution of mankind while its other part promptly mixes up with the ocean of own garbage. You come by the dawn of the reason absolutely young, and, believe, you have not enough time. do not allow society to destroy

your personality, and it can occur very easily. Remember what you now, and remain yourself.

And one more important thing I want to tell.

- itself can set Thousands of the objects, but there is no place and there is no time achievement thousands more whole.

Is only one source of beauty, one truth. It is called Earth. Also there is only one worthy, rather great purpose - to rescue our beautiful planet from extremely quickly growing evil.


Earth first of all.