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After hours to the Zodiac?

of Knowledge that these or those traits of character of the person are patronized by constellations of the Zodiac were available still to the Babylon scientists in the VII-VI centuries BC. The ancient science helps us to be guided with the human relations to this day, it is better to understand itself and even to surround our vital space with the things corresponding to an internal warehouse. Certainly, modern astrologers could not ignore and such important part of everyday life as a watch.

It is enough to listen to councils of far stars, and from just useful bagatelle your hours will turn into part of special image, an important element of style, a way of self-expression, a mascot, attribute of the status and, at last, just favourite thing, having put on which, we feel more cozy.

Today we entrusted the Zodiac the choice of hours for a fine half. So who you are on a horoscope?

the Aries

the Fiery sign symbolizing active action, initiative, enterprise and vigor. The woman - the Aries is rectilinear, stubborn and inquisitive. She does not accept the ordinary even in the most banal things and seeks to see unusual in usual. Such woman in the best way will suit the hours of Balmain B34353226 from the Trendies collection combining at the same time simplicity, laconicism of forms and the deep philosophical sense put in original design. These hours will help the owner to reflect about relentless a current of time. The model has the convenient, well readable and at the same time very unusual dial executed in the form of a drop. Droplets carry out a role of tags on the dial less. Brightness and leadership skills of the Lady - the Aries will emphasize 8 diamonds 0,04K which it is decorated philosophical watch case.

the Taurus

the Main lines of this sign - ability to achieve the planned objective without feeling sorry for forces, determination, tendency to occupation by material affairs, ability to appreciate beautiful things. To the woman - to the Taurus astrologers recommend to stop the choice on magnificent and functional hours from Esprit. The Confidence model from the Vitality collection includes all opportunities which can be useful to the purposeful and practical representative of this sign: a chronograph with a stop watch and the timer, 12 and 24 - an hour format of time, a calendar with indication of date. The quartz mechanism is put into the steel case with PVD a covering thanks to what the owner should not worry about possible scratches. External charm of model Swarowski crystals on the bezel and a thong from " genuine leather; under a snake .


of Wards of Mercury distinguish spirituality, aspiration to knowledge and impulsiveness. An external luster for the woman - the Twin not the main thing. She is capable to make out a deep essence of things appreciates not external, but internal beauty more. The combination of a variety of functionality and reserved chic in hours of Raymond Weil 6170 - SR1 - 05997 is fine reflection of duality of nature of this sign. The model is distinguished by high degree of reliability esteemed by Twins - the mechanism is protected by a high-strength sapphire crystal, and extent of water protection makes 200 m. On unusual it is black - the nacreous dial well readable Arab figures, the indicator of date and luminescent shooters are located. Special character of model emphasizes existence of a clockwork head with the RW logo, and also noble modesty of expensive ornament - 12 diamonds 0,12K on case perimeter.


the Woman - Cancer the romantic, creative nature capable of strong sincere experiences. The women born under this constellation perceive beauty of this world as a constant source of inspiration. To these sensitive and emotional natures, it is better to choose the gentle and womanly Guess W10199L1 model from the well-known Trend collection. Smoothness of lines and intricacy of a pattern on the dial, the noble combination of colors, the European refinement and east expressiveness as well as possible will tell about complexity and versatility of nature of the hostess.

the Lion

Strong and independent Lionesses in life profess the principle I am not exacting at all. I have enough of best . Therefore everything, up to trifles, has to report to people around that before them the hostess of life. As well as possible for this purpose one of the most original Candino C4351_2 models of the Ceraline collection will approach. Here tells about a statusnost literally all: the case and bracelet made of noble material - high-strength ceramics, the light nacreous dial, inside and on perimeter decorated with diamonds, the Ronda 753 mechanism - H2 which reliably protects a sapphire crystal. As additional function in hours there is a date indicator.