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Girl or boy? Present

that once scientists will solve secret of the nature on programming of a sex of future child, and now you will be able to plan the boy or the girl without special difficulties... But today this question intrigues very many people, including doctors and scientists.

For some east cultures the question of a sex of future child plays so important role that the unforeseen birth of the girl, for example in a number of the regions of India, can end with killing of this child, that is infanticide, especially if this child the firstborn. Therefore the Indian and Chinese medicine devoted a lot of time for creation of the whole sciences on gender planning of future children.

Unfortunately, the huge number of attempts of gender planning came to an end unsuccessfully, but in a number of the countries there are already several tests when it is possible to define a sex of the child the express - method on early terms of pregnancy then to interrupt pregnancy with an unwanted sex of the child. As far as these tests are effective, it is difficult to tell, - in details they were not checked.

In real life the probability to receive the boy or the girl makes 50%. And such probability does not suit many people. Therefore women try to plan a sex of future child by any methods, including quite ridiculous and primitive. For example, try to calculate a sex of the child by birth of mother, relying on the myth about a blood exchange at women each four years.

Use of the 700th summer method of the Chinese lunar calendars and calculation of a sex of the child on the basis of date of conception and birthday of mother

did not lead to desirable results too - the percent of a successful prediction made the same 50 on 50.

What scientists know about baby gender planning and how married couples can use these these sciences?

The sex of the child depends not on mother!

Yes, dear women, a sex of the child is defined by the man - the donor of man`s gametes which at the unprotected sexual intercourse get into genitals of the woman, and in appropriate time are capable to impregnate the ripened female gamete. So there is a conception of the child.

The man has two types of gametes - with H- a chromosome (and it gives rise to girls) and At - a chromosome (it it is guilty in emergence of boys).

call Man`s gametes spermatozoa. At - spermatozoa it is less, easier, more aggressive and therefore move quicker, but also perish quicker. X - spermatozoa it is more in sizes, heavier and more slowly in the movements, so are more hardy.

Means, the sex of the child is defined by the man`s sperm. But really women do not play a role in sex determination of future child? Play! Spermatozoa can be activated or, on the contrary, be oppressed by contents of a female vagina - first of all, it kislotno - an alkaline state.

At - spermatozoa prefer the alkaline environment therefore in old times if the boy was planned, the woman was syringed by weak solution of baking soda. X - chromosomes prefer acidic environment therefore they for planning of the girl used very weak solution of lemon juice or vinegar.

Now doctors do not recommend syringing as it is proved by a large number of researches that syringing can be dangerous and promote development of a number of serious diseases, and also infertility.

change Some inflammatory processes in the woman`s vagina kislotno too - alkaline balance, and can lead to activation At - spermatozoa or their fast death (vaginal dysbacterioses, the expressed fungal inflammation).

As At - spermatozoa fast in advance, but perish quicker if you plan the boy, open sex life needs to be led as it is possible closer by day of maturing of a female gamete (ovulation) - usually in 24 hours prior to or in day of an ovulation. If you plan the girl, sexual intercourse has to be in 2 - 3 days prior to an ovulation.

Whether food of the woman influences a sex of future child? On this matter there are many disputes. However, if a certain food can affect partially on kislotno - alkaline balance of intestines and vagina, then the probability of receiving the girl or boy at observance of certain diets increases.

For example, it is known that the diet rich with calcium and magnesium (milk, haricot, beans, series, firm cheeses and nuts) promote the birth of girls. For conception of boys it is necessary to eat food rich with sodium and potassium.

The pose at sexual intercourse can help with conception of a sex of the child necessary to you. At a traditional pose (the woman on a back - the man from above) sperm adjoins to a uterus neck better, than at other poses therefore get into a cavity of a uterus and uterine tubes quicker At - chromosomes that promotes conception of boys.

Pose equestrians when the man below on a back, and the woman from above, promote smaller contact of sperm with a uterus neck, and at you bigger chance to have the girl.

An orgasm which is tested by the woman or several in a row orgasms lower acidity of contents of a vagina that in favor of conception of boys. Besides, with an orgasm sperm gets into a uterus cavity quicker. If you plan the girl, some experts recommend to do without orgasm.

Interestingly, men who carry hard linen accept hot bathrooms and saunas, have smaller quantity of gametes in sperm, and most often it is X - spermatozoa.

Sperm loves a cool.

Some doctors recommend to the man to take a hot shower or a bath before sexual intercourse if the girl is planned. If the boy is planned, it is desirable to resemble in free pants (or without them) in the cool room within 20 - 30 minutes (but be not overzealous, differently catch a cold). Some doctors recommend to drink a cup of coffee as there is an assumption that the drinks containing caffeine activate At - spermatozoa though such assumption is not proved.

And how about self-confidence?

Some scientists claim that at self-assured women the level of testosterone (male sex hormone) is slightly higher, than at other women that allegedly promotes conception of boys.

How it is possible to predict a fruit floor if the woman is already pregnant, without use enough dangerous methods of a fence vorsin either afterbirth pieces, or amniotic waters for genetic research of material and sex determination of future child?

On ultrasonography the sex of a fruit can be defined in 12 - 13 weeks by a special technique of measurement of some of its parts with accuracy almost in 90%, but most of doctors are not familiar with this new technique therefore they can define a fruit sex in 24 - 26 weeks when to interrupt pregnancy on such term late.

Some doctors claim that it is possible to predict a floor by definition of a rhythm of warm blows of a fruit. If heartbeat of a fruit of 140 and more beats per minute, then you have, allegedly, bigger chance of the birth of the girl. If heartbeat of a fruit of 139 blows less in a minute, then it, most likely, is the boy. However, having conducted several researches, scientists came to a conclusion that it is possible to predict correctly a floor by such method in 10% of cases. Other doctors use special crystals of Dreyno, adding them to urine of the pregnant woman. If urine is painted in green color, so wait for the boy. If coloring happened in blue color, you will have a girl.

However now many claim that all just the opposite. To whom to trust? Scientists conducted research: trust nobody. The sex of the child could be predicted only in 53 - 67% of cases correctly. Nevertheless, it is very low indicator for predictions.

In Europe and America on sales there were tests which guarantee sex determination of the child in 7 weeks of pregnancy, that is at a delay monthly in 2 - 3 weeks. The cost of such tests from 300 to 500 dollars, and his creators promise 90% of probability in a prediction of a sex of the child. Other doctors sell books about gender planning where much inconsistent information.

But an option for you!

For now the sacrament of the nature remains for all of us a magic riddle.