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Spanish zhutik The Opened graves . A board game the price in life?

Creators of a horror film The Opened graves (according to other versions of the translation these graves opened or gaping ) made almost impossible: they took two good ideas, connected them together and received absolutely indigestible product at the exit.

of Povinuyas to an instinct to break - not to build the Spanish director Alvaro de Arminan without a moment`s hesitation pulled out from a context of the pictures Jumanji and Destination the main subject finds and by means of screenwriters Roderich and Bruce Teylorov the child modestly pushed them into the. And made it so timidly that ears of above-mentioned pictures stick out in de Arminan`s tape practically of each shot. We will be well, frank, the Spaniard is not in this case an innovator because good ideas always quickly disperse on hands. Therefore we will not abuse it for plagiarism. And here for absence of own ideas and inept use of strangers - we will be still as.

So, syuzhetets. Thomas and Jason - friends - the surfers who arrived on the North of Spain to catch a wave . Here they have general friends and girlfriends, and also American Erica who wormed way into the company. Walking on coastal little shops, Jason gets into the dusty antiquarian cellar in which the legless cripple Malek works. Having pretended to be the well-wisher, the radish Malek gives to the guy ancient Monopoly under the name The Mamba - Karumba . According to him, in this simple game poigryvat even at the time of the Spanish inquisition.

Without trusting the good luck, Jason hurries to share a freebie with friends and invites them in the evening to stretch bones. Young people, which still rather early to play about spiritism and an occultism, frank tediousness of this game for some reason does not confuse. As well as very strange rules, and also gloomy and very florid predictions for death which get to each loser. All attendees are still sacredly sure that Mamba - it is only such dullish entertainment which only lack is aimlessly killed time.

However the Spanish inquisitors not for nothing ate the bread. As the main character Jason, davny found out later - long ago (in 15 - m a century if to be exact) the famous local murderer Torkvemada destroyed the dangerous witch Mambu of Mazambu (quite so, not a uniform letter by), and then, podlyanets such, from its remains sewed - bungled a board game for children of younger and preschool age. And now everyone won (and it is absolutely optional that that will be because it is not a sure-fire lottery) can fulfill the any wish. One, but the most treasured. Type to grow anew legs (as the cripple Malek) or to become the Superman. The nuance is that all losers at the same time are obliged to die quite naturally. Yes, what prize, such is and its price.

By itself, understanding of all these nuances comes to unfortunate participants Mambas of Duryamby not at once, and gradually. In parallel with very strange and awful events which slowly but surely reduce the list of playing. Now Jason, Thomas and Erica need only - to continue one game, to win and think most wise desire: That we did not mix beer with vodka yesterday, and nothing it was trace and

Friends, Hollywood, of course, is guilty. The American cinema-men day by day pinch others, rivet remakes, operate ideas of others and make secondary, to nobody interesting, movies. Here and the Spanish colleagues thought that supposedly nothing it is worse for similar dirty, but sometimes profitable, than affairs. However whether the desire of a pearl too much also choked, whether there was not enough ability, but the European mix from Jumanji Zatura and Destination it turned out absolutely useless. Why? I explain.

In what there was all counter Jumanji ? Correctly, that each throw of bones and movement of counters on the game field transferred Robin Williams and associates to the most unpredictable landscapes. In the same second, without departing from cash desk. Also it was absolutely not clear, whether it will be a flood, whether an earthquake, or perhaps hordes of the African animals will begin to break a door. In the movie there was an intrigue which the tape The Opened graves it is deprived completely. All game takes place within 7 - 10 minutes behind stupid jokes and humourous catchphrases, at the same time nothing happens to players. They sadly read chaotic predictions for the future death and amicably giggle supposedly a nifiga not terribly, Vakh, I am afraid, afraid.

All right, this idea normally did not manage to embody, but now the most interesting is necessary to characters - effectively and beautifully to die, according to the destiny traced on cards of game. Effectively? Line of similar, friends. Special effects The Opened graves are at the level of the end 80 - x therefore terrible snakes and awful the crabs urged to make up for horror make only healthy sleepy. Behind accidents of four Destinations it is interesting to observe because they represent improbable, but REALLY possible chain of the events leading to the ridiculous tragedy. The Spanish bunglers, in the absence of the imagination, just decided to add mysticism. And here in the middle of sawmill there are hordes of venomous snakes, and the girlfriend Tomasa suddenly for one night turns into the gray-haired old woman. It was necessary to connect still aliens and to Ktulkh, but here at creators money came to an end and they decided to realize these light thoughts later.

Actor`s game in the movie was not noticed, all played the roles with the anguish which is softly passing into a hysterics. Especially it remembered Ornella Muti`s daughter Nayk Rivelli whose purely Italian plaints, thank God, continued not for long. Elisee Dushku whose presence at this zhutik smoothes general impression a little got a role of American Erica.

We summarize. It not foolish cinema. This movie just boring and secondary. The tape final which seems to creators incredibly witty, arises by itself somewhere from the middle. Effects are zero, acting - weak. The scenario - a full hat with a branchy feather. You should not look, friends. As always, I do not insist, but also I do not recommend.