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How not to burn on the sun of

the Sun - our best friend and at the same time the worst enemy of our gentle skin. To avoid solar burns and further problems with skin, it is necessary just to follow rules on protection of skin against the sun.

Here several councils how to receive beautiful equal suntan and not to suffer from burns.

1. Dermatologists recommend not to acquire more than 50 tan a year.

2. It should be noted and remembering that fast suntan conducts to a peeling of a horn layer of skin therefore suntanned skin looks dim and coarsened.

3. Reaction of skin to sunshine depends on thickness of a horn layer and quantity of a pigment. Therefore it is not necessary to hurry to sunbathe from the first. Skin needs to give time in order that it could develop a protective layer of a pigment.

4. It is possible to prepare skin for suntan, being irradiated with the mountain sun radiating ultraviolet and infrared rays.

5. The period when skin is able to protect itself is called self-defense time (a burn threshold of suntan). Depending on skin type this period can be very various. Applying a suntan preparation, it is possible to prolong the self-defense period - according to the sun-protection factor specified on a label.

6. Not to get burns it is the best of all to conform to the elementary rules safety namely, you should not sunbathe between 11 and 14 hours. The best and safe time for suntan from 9 to 11 hours. Stay time for the sun should be increased gradually from 3 - 5 minutes to 15 minutes. Of course, difficult, having come out to the national resort of Gelendzhik, to spend only 10 minutes on the sun. There is a wish all and at once. But in that case you just receive red skin with burns, but not beautiful chocolate suntan.

7. Good suntan turns out in mountains and at water.

8. The spring sun is unsafe. Its beams seem not such hot, but it is more ultraviolet rays in the spring, than in the summer.

9. Many do not know about it, but doctors do not recommend before a campaign for the beach to wash with soap or otshchelushchivayushchy means. Soap and a srub destroys a sheeting of skin and degreases it.

10. It is better not to use cosmetics, especially deodorants and spirits during reception of solar bathtubs. It can cause emergence of pigmentary spots from which it is very difficult, and at times it is even impossible to get rid.

11. Doctors do not advise also to use the cosmetics painted in brown color as the substances which are contained in them irritate skin at long stay under the open sun.

12. After a solar bathtub you should not take a cold shower at once, it is necessary to cool down at first in a shadow.

And of course, it is not necessary to save on suntan preparations, and especially on suntan preparations. Surely after you will come from the sun apply the milk fixing suntan on skin, it will allow to soften skin, to restore it and to keep suntan.