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Widespread myths about electronic document management systems

Despite high popularity of EDMS, there is a number of the delusions arising as at advanced users, and at beginners in work with the entering and internal documents. As a rule, overall performance of system, in comparison with the habitual and checked modes of work with paper documentation is called into question. Also, doubts can arise at users as a result of the competition between the EDMS developers who in every possible way criticize developments of each other, than enter consumers into confusion and raise a set of questions.

The most popular beliefs connected with work of EDMS are:

1) It is difficult to choose EDMS as the number of offers in the market is too high. The analysis of the market will not bring essential results as it is impossible to analyse a huge number of offers rather fully.

2) Universal systems does not exist - it is always necessary to endow automation of one spheres of activity to please another.

3) With structural or any other changes at the enterprise, an electronic document management system can be inefficient and not conform to the requirements assigned to it.

4) Should buy only the expensive software product from large developers as cheaper systems are not effective. The EDMS cost is higher, the guarantee of successful introduction and productive use is higher.

5) can Administer system only the highly qualified specialist.

6) Training of employees in work with system long, expensive and labor-consuming occupation.

It is obvious that these statements are at least not objective and are only one party of the medal - unsuccessful experience or disappointment in low-quality EDMS.

to change the wrong opinion on EDMS is enough to consider the following facts:

- a Large number of offers in the market and the high competition increase interest of developers in cooperation. As result, developers are interested in full consultation of the customer, to providing detailed information and support at all development stages and introductions.

- a Wide choice of EDMS means the fact that it is much simpler to choose really multipurpose system, than it seems at first sight.

- the Modern market of EDMS offers multilevel support of the software products that guarantees timely updating and technical support according to requirements of the customer.

- Training of work of employees and their adaptation to work of system is a necessary element at an introduction stage.

The fact that about use of EDMS overall performance of employees and all enterprise in general increases is repeatedly checked. Level of reliability and safety during the using, storage and information transfer also rises by qualitatively new level.

The system allows to learn precisely who is responsible for concrete work with the document who made changes, coordinated them that establishes the regulated administrative responsibility. In case of controversial issues, it is always possible to find the responsible person. Nevertheless, EDMS cannot replace completely live workers, but considerably simplifies their work and increases their efficiency.