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The biography Angelina Jolie of

Since receiving Oscar Angelina Jolie is the welcome guest on pages of the European and Russian newspapers and magazines. Were interested in it earlier only in America and England where it was registered as the girlfriend of life of a local idol of youth of Johnny Li Miller. Now, after official recognition of her talent by Film academy, all who feel like it write about Angelina. Write, without feeling sorry for epithets, nicknames and gloomy paints. In the American show business - since Cher`s experiments and children`s tricks of Christina Ricci - long ago there were no such gloomy persons. Always in black, all in tattoos, the girl without brakes bans and restrictions, a live spittle in rules of a good form dream of journalists - from her lips provocative and frankly politically incorrect statements, " constantly fly; an angel - the fighter the tattooed rose ... Jon Voight who once called the daughter - Angelina Jolie, that is pretty angel and in a bad dream could not imagine that in 25 years, it angel will become the vamp who is provoking everyone and everything and considering the scandals accompanying her everywhere, norm of life.

to Angelina Jolie is pleasant to shock the public. It - from those who at any cost want to be the focus of attention - not necessarily delighted it is possible and indignant. To it it is not important, love it or hate. The main thing that one her name causes accurate associations, and it is impossible to mix it with someone. In Hollywood it is the key to success: Be not such as everything, and you will be remembered . Cardinally to differ from the Hollywood youth, paint Jolie chose ideally: the dominating black color does not use sympathy at present starlets. There in fashion pastel tone and shape of a - Gwyneth Paltrow`s la. Almost everything competitors Jolie - cachectic blondes, faded and to horror correct. They agitate for Greenpeace participate charity events, lead a healthy lifestyle and are ready to endow everything for the sake of career. Their politically correct statements and infinite insinuations on the subject last virgin of America already fine cloyed to both mass media, and colleagues, and public. For emergence new queens of shocking defying the nekhoroshestyyu it was a high time - and the press took in this world Jolie who so by the way was given Oscar .

Angelina Jolie / Angelina Jolie/: - the biography, a photo, wall-paper,

However, it is quite possible that Angelina created the image, proceeding not from an environment, and from features of the character. In interview she often defies that she likes to live on a limit - on a limit of emotions, physical forces, on the verge of admissible in modern society. I always live one moment. I do not like to make plans for the future. Tomorrow all can change - my life, my shape surrounding me people, a profession... And differently - it is boring to live .

But to you it is worth to remember that Angelina (or Anghie) - is not simple the girl from the street and daughter of the popular actor Jon Voight famous midnight cowboy one of the largest stars 70 - x years. And though now Voight acts not so often, his name in Hollywood something yes means. Of course, as well as it is necessary respecting herself young to a star Angie took herself the second name as a pseudonym - but more pro forma. Both in Hollywood, and out of its are known to all it actor`s roots - especially as Jolie very much is proud of the father.

Angelina was born on June 4, 1975 in Los - Andzheles, in a family of Voight and little-known actress Michel Bertrand, half Frenchwomen. By the time of the daughter`s birth Jon and Michele`s marriage was already spent: when to the girl year was executed, they divorced. I never became angry about the father. It always seemed to me the person, it is contraindicated to them to be married . Anghie and her elder brother - James Heyven Voight - lived with mother, but the father was directly involved in their education. Each of parents sought to become for children main authority and, having understood it, Angelina in the childhood learned to manipulate both of them. When Voight and Bertran understood what occurs, was already late: Angie became uncontrollable.

At school of the relation with teachers at Angelina did not develop. It was written down in group of the children needing the help of the psychotherapist. They wrote down there all whose parents were divorced. Our psychotherapist said that ours are guilty of everything ancestors . It seemed to it that we, poor children, will never be able to adapt to life. I assured her that perfectly adapted, but she for some reason wanted that was differently. At last, I thought up for it some baize - oh, as she was delighted to it! Since then I do not trust in psychotherapy . The teachers and the doctor working with Anghie were not in debt too: in its characteristic in black and white it appeared: it is unrestrained, inclined to sociopathy . I since the childhood was called a sotsiopatka, - Jolie remembers. - When I grew up, decided what is necessary what is it. Came to bookstore and I ask: Where you have a literature on sociopaths? The Seller answers: Look under the heading serial maniacs . Well, I think, the " company, good at me;. to

Fortunately, the company it was kept not by maniacs, but cinematographers. In 1982 Angelina debuted at cinema in the tape In search of an exit / Lookin` to Get Out/, the coauthor of the scenario and which co-producer was her father. In 12 years Jolie registered in theatrical institute of Li Strasberg and visited actor`s classes on an equal basis with adults. During study she felt draft to strange and excentric. I was 16 years old when we put Room service based on the old movie of brothers Marx. There were many different roles, but I for some reason wanted to play the manager - the villain. I represented myself such Teutonic warrior! I was given this role. When the father came to a premiere, he slightly was stunned. Later he said to me that till that day he in general looked at my interest in acting as on a whim. And when saw that I play not the pretty little fool or the fatal beauty, and the cranky ill-natured person at whom all laugh, started to respect me and publicly proclaimed: you supposedly have a taste to eccentricities - in my " style;.

Angelina Jolie / Angelina Jolie/: - the biography, a photo, wall-paper,

In 18 years of Jolie decided that her calling is a cinema. The futuristic fighter of the class " was the first movie in which she managed to receive a noticeable role; B The Cyborg - 2 / Cyborg 2/. Angie played the beauty - the cyborg in love with the hand-to-hand fight coach. After that the actress made a small respite waiting for more effective roles. They did not keep themselves waiting. In 1995 she acted in Hackers / Hackers/, in 1996 - m - in The Phosphorescing light and tape Representing God / Playing God / where David Duchovny and Timothy Hutton were her partners. Cut out all sex From this movie. We shot my erotic scenes with both rivals and both left on half of the assembly room .

After the movie Representing God Attributed to Jolie the affair with Timothy Hutton though by then she was already married. - Johnny Li Miller Enzhi got acquainted with future husband on a shooting stage of the movie Hackers where they played teenagers, mad about computers, who incidentally break into a network of the huge corporation which is engaged in a shady business and become targets for murderers. For Miller - nowadays an idol of the English youth - it was the debut at cinema (before it played only in series), and for Jolie - the first large project. We were given three weeks on learning to ride roller skates and to accustom with the computer keyboard, - Jolie remembers. - It was paradise - to skate with Johnny and to receive for it money!

Jolie and Miller got married in the spring of 1996 - almost along with a premiere of the film. Wrote much because the bride was declared on a ceremony in black leather trousers and a white t-shirt on which own blood wrote a name of the groom about wedding of young couple of the newspaper. It seemed to me that blood binds stronger, than the signature on a sheet of paper .

But, despite blood relations Adzhelina and Johnny`s ways soon dispersed. They acted and lived in the different countries: it - in the USA, it - in England. Jolie in the best traditions of the Hollywood wives said in interview that it to them does not disturb " at all; so far in 1999 the couple did not give on razod. The actress undertook fault for it: With me it is heavy to live. I do not prepare, I do not love when touch me, I do not wish to justify myself before anybody. To be near me, the man has to be able to order me .

However, Angie could tell more about the reasons of divorce: being still married, she defied the enthusiasm for idea " more than once; free love bisexuality and nonconventional view of things. She was suspected even of the affair with own brother James Heyven with which it was declared on a delivery ceremony Oscars and to which from a scene made a public declaration of love. According to Jolie, it was manifestation of sisterly feelings, but the press which got used to Angelina`s shocking readily believed in the worst. And how not to trust if still quite recently Angie said in interview that easily could oversleep from Melanie Griffith. It would do it good .

And nevertheless, despite the eccentricity, Jolie plays very different roles. On its account - the addict - the model Dzhia Karandzhi who died of AIDS in the television movie Dzhia / Gia/, the wife of the paralyzed governor of Alabama in George Wallace / George Wallace/, the tearaway - an ugonshchitsa in To Steal in 60 seconds / Gone in Sixty Seconds/, the quarrelsome wife in black comedies Operating flights / Pushing Tin/, the policewoman in Authorities of Fear / The Bone Collector/, the violent patient of a psychiatric clinic in the drama The Interrupted Life / Girl, Interrupted/... Angie received for some of these works Gold " globe; and for a role of a sotsiopatka of the Fox in The Interrupted Life / Girl, Interrupted / - Oscar for the best supporting role. Perhaps, it was not absolutely fair in relation to Winona Ryder playing a major role in a tape. Her Syuzanna changed throughout the movie whereas the violent, charming and ruthless Fox was integral, not capable to change in kind. But the heroine Jolie - the girl without brakes - against fragile, eager to be dissolved in the " environment; The Rider, seemed especially bright, defiant and effective. She was the main pretender to an award in the nomination - and received it.

In several months after receiving Oscar Jolie gave public one more surprise - married the actor and the director Billey Bob Thornton. The groom got married to the bride in Los - Andzheles, secretly from the press and the family. The father Anghie about a marriage of the daughter heard on the TV - and considered this message next duck Mass media. According to Angelina, marriage with Thornton is seriously and for a long time. When I think of Billey, it becomes difficult for me to breathe. I am ready to be ready to do anything if only to spend with it excess second. And it in the same way concerns me .

Today Angelina Jolie - one of the brightest young people stars class And but it does not concern her. My actor`s abilities remained the same. Just now my physiognomy flaunts on covers of magazines more often. It is easier for director to invite me in the movie - the producer will not ask it: Jolie? And who is such? To me as to the actress, still is what to offer directors. I try to enclose everything that I have in the heroines. I will never agree to a role if I am not sure that I am better, than someone, I approach for it. But, at the same time, I try not to forget that the cinema is not life. That you did not think of my heroines, it not I. I constantly searching, and this process am infinite .