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What prevents to learn and study us?

Neither teachers, nor students never learned bases of how to learn and how to study. It is the most widespread obstacle in education. Though it is so simple! If we help teachers and students to understand true bases of training i.e. how to learn and how to study, then we will be able to reduce considerably number of children who are considered incapable of training.

Applied education (Applied Scholastics International) - non-profit public organization, and its purpose - to improve quality of education around the world, using the educational technology developed by L. Ron Hubbard. It is the only organization which helped to make educational revolutions around the world, at the same time connecting to work of students who want to study.

For improvement of public education is required rearmament our teachers who already also do not expect that they can help actually the children who faced obstacles in training, to children whom they call incapable of training or at which syndrome of deficiency of attention or hyperactivity . They consider that they cannot help children to increase their level and to achieve that their dreams came true.

It occurs every time when I see at least a hint on recognition that the technology of training really works and can not only improve quality of education, but also overcome crash of all system.

That is always interesting to me, so this how this understanding is shown. There are only three examples.

Ya was in China, held the presentations of the LRH technologies for seventy two teachers at high school of English at the Beijing university of foreign languages. It were both skilled teachers, and carefully selected students who had to learn new ways of how to become more qualified teachers.

In China was a set of the tremendous moments, but I remembered one especially well. One of students asked me to remain and talk to him after occupation. He admitted to me that he never wanted to be a teacher. It was forced to master this profession. At that time it had no choice, and it was forced to do what he was told. And then he told: I have to thank you. I never wanted to teach, but after studying of these new methods and ideas I am for the first time sure that I really want to be a teacher. I know that I can give real help to the students .

of his word were also reflected in persons and comments of my pupils. Understanding of bases of Applied Education in a magic way helped to revive and in certain cases to light their enthusiasm to training.

Here one more example. I held a seminar for the senior professorsko - teaching structure of university of telecommunications of Moscow. Nevertheless, the director of university actually did not want to cooperate with me. The Ministry of Education disposed that he organized a seminar, and I could communicate to his most important employees.

Before we entered the room, the director told me that I have to keep within 20 minutes (though my seminars last, as a rule, about two hours). He was very dissatisfied and warned that his professors are very busy and probably he already knew what I will tell about and: You will lose their interest very quickly .

his hostility was caused by lack of interest, and, obviously, disagreement of his employees to participate in my seminar. When we entered the room, there already were 45 sufferers . Subsequently my translator noted that she for the first time saw in the hall of the rector and to it it became very terrible. As soon as I started talking, one professor looked at the watch, as if wishing to tell: give quicker already you spread everything, and on it we will finish .

Can and not say that the understanding of technology of Applied Education made the business. I did not begin to reduce the seminar and held it, as well as assumed, in two hours. All this time I kept their attention and interest. After a seminar I was met by the head with a question of that, as if it could train in this technology of the teachers.

I third example. I helped to create the organization of Applied education for youth in Boston. During the work with them I wanted that they understood and realized that training or elimination of problems in training is possible when obstacles in the course of education are eliminated. And these obstacles consist not that these young people are incapable of training, have problems with the head, genes and heredity, and not that they are surrounded by charlatans.

Ya worked with youth near Boston, known as Roksberi. At one of meetings I talked to the group how studying of problems begins with overcoming of one of obstacles which we already passed.

Ya talked to the student with whom it worked in other center. It always had problems with definition of time. I told that I will cope with this problem which tormented it all life, only in 15 minutes, and I will help to change clothes of an obstacle which disturbs it. Niels which was 15 years old and which also studied in this group, told that she is not able to define time too. Only in 10 minutes we found a source of its problem. Only ten minutes, and she for the first time became sure of life that she will be able independently to define time. She really understood that it not stupid (as thought earlier), it was only necessary to overcome an obstacle which complicated education.

Nilsa`s Understanding found the reflection in a response which she wrote for me. You know that I hate most of all - when my mother calls herself silly. When she goes to shop and is not able to read letters (English is the second language of her mother). It is not silly, at it it is simple to eat obstacles .

L. Ron Hubbard noted: Ability of the person is shown exactly on so many, on how many he also the nobility can study. And to give technologies of training which really work in its order - is guarantee of its success . Knowing technology of training, people become more and more capable, and their hopes for the future - brighter. It occurs while training in L. Ron Hubbard`s technique becomes available to them - after they realized that this technique - really effective remedy of the solution of their problems.

Bernard Percy,

the international representative of Applied Education,

the teacher, the consultant, the expert in the field of education of children and the solution of family questions, the author of books and publications, the cofounder and the editor-in-chief of the " magazine; Converge .