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Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi of

known as Mahatma Gandhi, - one of heads and the ideologist national - liberation movement of India. Its philosophy of Satyagrakh`s non-violence exerted impact on the national and international movements of supporters of peaceful changes.

Mahatma Gandhi rejected violence in any form.

More than 30 years he persistently preached the philosophy and eventually proved to the whole world efficiency not -

of violent policy when in 1947 India the benefit - giving

to Gandhi`s efforts peacefully gained independence of Britain. But in the wakened country flashed zhes - Tokai`s

fight between religious groups for the right to dictate the will to the government.

1947 for Gandhi ended with bitter disappointment. He continued to prove senselessness of violence, but, a kaza - an elk, nobody heard it. In January, 1948 in desperate attempt to stop international conflicts Mahatma Gunn - di resorted to hunger strike. He explained the decision so: The Death will become for me miraculous escape. It is better to die, than to be the helpless witness to a samounichtozha - a niya of India .

The sacrificial action of Gandhi made necessary impact on society. Leaders of religious groups agreed to make a compromise. In several days after Gandhi began hunger strike, they made the joint decision: We for - veryay that we will protect life, because of religious do not suffer property and belief of Muslims, and those incidents - pave which took place in Delhi, will not repeat " any more;.

Inspired with hope, Gandhi stopped hunger strike. However political balance in the country was unstable. Soon the powerful movement against the progressive leader of the young independent state began to gain strength. Militant preachers of Hinduism accused Gandhi of infringement of their religious rights. Why, they questioned, this truth-lover does not act with resolute to an osuzhda - niy violence to which the Hindus living in Pakistan are exposed? They called for the armed intervention, ho - tya knew that until Gandhi is living, they will not allow to apply violence to them. Remained to overpersuade pighead by force of arms.

His name is surrounded in India with the same honoring with what names of Saints are said. The spiritual leader of the nation, Mahatma Gandhi all the life fought against the religious conflicts which are tearing apart his country, against violence, but in the evening of life fell its victim.

Mahatma means Great soul. This title as well as possible opens Karamchand Gandhi`s essence. It enjoyed huge confidence of Indians (irrespective of castes and religions), to it thousands of people came for the help and council, and received this help.