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How to behave at a meeting with strangers in a gate?

to Run on adventure now perhaps anywhere. Nevertheless, for a start we will take a classical case. Night, silence, a conditional gate and three unconditional hooligans wishing to beat out teeth to the first comer. Remember that the most harmful hooligans are people too. With all weaknesses and delusions inherent in people. So you should not panic. Especially as this condition of mentality never before helped anybody. Estimate a ratio of forces, personal and others` pluses and minuses better. Let`s consider options - how to behave in such situation.

At once to rush in fight with several opponents silly. In - the first, there is no idea of the level of their preparation. In - the second, the option is not excluded to do without fight, to move down as they say. In - the third to begin to behave with brutality at once too is not necessary. To take equestrians on a fright not always reasonably. First of all, it is necessary to estimate a possibility of flight quickly. Unfortunately, to leave, without coming into contact, it is possible not always. Then at once you press on mentality, force down them an offensive heat and win an initiative. Remember that their only advantage consists in a superiority in strength. Here it is also required to be weakened in the maximum measure. It means, to behave not as they expect. For example: The Old man, not with you we walked at Ninka? . It is possible to make any statements, up to idiotic: Oh, at last to me is with whom to drink! . (As though the passerby in the dark lane at one o`clock in the morning only also did that looked for drinking companions). By the way, if the offer of binge interests, then there is a chance to pay off and leave in an amicable way.

All the time you keep hands in the movement - you scratch a nape, you finger a nose, you iron the stomach. Meanwhile market you support in every way. To Light? - For God`s sake. Matches? Somewhere were, now I will look . By the way, search of matches or a lighter gives the quite good chance to get from a pocket something heavy, sharp, strong if it is there. And process of a present of fire to a cigarette is one of the best moments for sudden attack.

Pontuya, it is also possible to neutralize aggression of probable opponents in a germ. Having decided to gambol with the lonely stranger, they already managed to present how events will develop, were adjusted, and suddenly hear:

- Children! Where here phone? - the question sounds so as if a meeting with them - rescue. - At the wife childbirth began, is urgent " ambulance; it is necessary. - Any fear, only extreme concern and hope for the help. Or: - Mother has a heart attack, she will not endure the second heart attack!

Can even see to the automatic machine, then it is already necessary to play up to the end. You call in " ambulance; call the carriage to some plausible address, children warmly thank for the help, promise even to drink with them for health of the successor (or that relative for the sake of rescue which looked for " phone;) . Still it is possible, hardly surrounded, to make awful and to hiss eyes: Pretend to be buddies, only quickly... I have cops on a tail . At the same time it is necessary to hiss with sincere rage (to cops), and furtively looking back.

Generally speaking, show off options a set, everything depends on the imagination and acting skills. And from a right assessment of the opponent. The drunk impudent fellow, especially - freezed on humanity you will not take, and here approach of militia can make sober him. The slang lets know too that soulmates, and for " met in a dark corner; the then and can ask. But, without perfectly knowing a slang of the criminogenic environment, it is better after the hair dryer not to botat .

Continuing to chatter, you play the case, addressing one, to another, imperceptibly you occupy the most suitable boundary for attack, you put legs as it is necessary, you remove hands in the planned point. Then a deep breath, and on an exhalation... Long animal, paralyzing all counter and cross, shout (who is not able to shout with mad melancholy and rage of the tired-out animal, that has to be trained). And together with shout blow, unexpected, without swing, to the leader in eyes. The spread wide hand, at least one finger and will get where it is necessary. Right there for the rest on eyes, around, the same hand, and it is better both. And a heel on stupnyam, a sole edge up to a shin, a sock on a stone. Do not think of protection while you shout, all of them yours, nobody rypntsya.

The continuous movement, short (it is impossible to spend energy for hard blows) pokes on a throat, kidneys, a liver, in a solar plexus (if the clothes allow), on ears. Blinded, deafened, forced to recoil - and breakthrough in the opened crack. In any way, only do not give themselves to grab. Otherwise will hang on a back, will tumble down and will trample. So, explosive spurt, let not on hundred meters, so though on thirty steps. On the run surely arm. For the weapon anything will descend: a stick, a half-brick, a rusty cover from a trash can, a bottle... The booth got, beat out glass, here both the weapon (splinter), and the alarm system will work.

To arm very important, will see a stake in hands - will not pursue. And if nevertheless decide, so the stake - it and is a stake, will fight not barehanded. But if under a hand nothing turned up, it is possible to imitate armament. Catches up with one, the most quick, - quickly bent down, raked up a hand air as though took something from the earth, were developed and stepped towards: I Will kill! . False swing, turn and again nautek.

For strengthening of fighting potential it is always desirable to have at itself the weapon. Not a trunk, of course, not brass knuckles and even not a knife. It is necessary to arm with such objects, the possession of which does not forbid the law. The man`s clothes, unlike female, are always equipped with pockets. In them there can be a lot of things. For example, a ball pen in the metal case, a mouthpiece from solid material, a special charm for keys. The metal hairbrush easily turns into similarity of an open razor. And the zone belt with a buckle in skillful hands - in general the universal weapon, with it is possible to be protected reliably both from a knife, and from a nunchak. Even the opponent can stick with a simple match so into an eye that to it will for a long time be ceased to want to zlodeystvovat in dark back streets.

On run it is quite good to set with a stone in a show-window of shop, a drugstore, Sberbank, a strong point of a law and order or at least in the lit house window. Let the alarm system or the indignant tenant will roar, this ringing is capable to cool the hotheads. By the way, most to wait for militia to anything, you never know for whom it will take you. Who threw a stone? And hooligans where? They are absent long ago. Therefore, you are also a hooligan. A bludgeon you on the head that did not talk, and in office. There prove that you not a camel that you were wanted to be killed that at you and in thoughts was not to play tricks at night. If the militia already appeared, and there is no place to escape or hide to you, safely turn towards pursuing you, and you rush towards with the frightened look, crying out on the run: Atas, cops! . Only you remember that to them on the left, and to you - to the right, or on the contrary.

To put it briefly, it is necessary to come off a pursuit so that:

1) to arm with something;

2) not to drive itself into a trap;

3) not to become a cripple, executing the tricks disproportionate to physical capacities;

4) is obligatory to leave persecutors with anything.

However, any councils is useless to give those who at a meeting with danger lose the head. They will be useful only to the people understanding that in the real world weak are doomed to death. On boundless open spaces of our country of people became the person a wolf long ago, and on streets the real fighters survive strong in spirit and a body, in a word!