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How to set the object in life of

In the beginning the abstracting example When read me this subject at institute - I not absolutely understood why it is necessary and that is unusual - till the moment of reading of this article.

We will assume, you are in the Voronezh region, in the city of Lipetsk and to you it is necessary to reach Moscow. That you achieved the objectives to you it is necessary:

in - the first to understand where you are (to orient territorially, we speak about movement in space);

in - the second to understand where you need to get (to define the direction of the movement);

in - the third, it is necessary to think how you want to make it (on foot, on a horse, by bicycle or by car. Here we begin to consider the tools allowing us to perform more effectively one operation - movement in space!) ;

in - the fourth, than we should pay for it. Finally, what price we will have to pay in each case: at the movement on foot is a lot of time and big physical efforts, and at the movement by car - money which we exchange for the saved time, physical efforts and comfortable conditions of movement. But we earned this money with work, making the efforts in other direction (who teaching who medical practice who construction). And now, at decision-making how to set the object in life in what way we need to reach the purpose, each of us commensurates the benefit received from use of the concrete tool with that price which he has to pay for it;

in - the fifth to make the planned actions, correctly using the chosen tool.

How to set the object in life: If, suppose, you incorrectly oriented in space and decided that you are in Krasnodar, but not in Lipetsk, then you are doomed to get to Moscow never! Because, moving in correctly chosen direction (concerning Lipetsk), you will leave it is unknown where. And even if you chose the most effective tool (car), it will not help you to achieve the objectives. And if you, all - through some time correctly define the real location and will correct the actions, you have a huge chance to achieve the objectives.

Present - three in a flank with shit, and not completely, and up to a chin or a lower lip sit. And suddenly one of them shouts: All got me! Let`s get out of this shit together! How you think - that it was answered by other two? do not overreact! Sidi it is silent! And that we will choke!

It is very probable that such people also surround you. And for them there is nothing more intolerable, than to think that someone from their acquaintances tries to obtain success. They will do everything possible to dissuade you and even to do you harm. Such people are described at Oscar Wilde: it is not enough to them to reach of something, it is necessary for them that their friends failed .