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How to combine congratulations about March 8 and an advertizing campaign?

the worst (and the most widespread) option of congratulations for the company will be delivery of cards with the image of flowers, standard to nausea, a standard congratulation Since March 8! Happiness, health, good luck! and the box of chocolates chosen by the principle it is more and cheaper .

Why? Women are captious. Women need exclusive attention. Women for a long time remember shown (or not shown) to them attention.

How to satisfy expectations of women in the light of March 8, to strengthen own reputation and to make business relations strong as the Chinese wall?

Is rather inexpensive performed by an exit.

Card. the flowers which set the teeth on edge are not necessary, dream up over the image, connect it with a logo, a kind of activity of the company. The non-standard, memorable text is obligatory. The required reaction - laughter, surprise. Let will not understand better, but will remember; will be indignant, but will show to friends.

Now it is a little about an exclusivity. There are an opportunity and desire to sign to each addressee a card manually - sign. There is no opportunity - at all do not do photocopy signatures. Nothing so irritates the person as an attention photocopy.

Make the list of the names congratulated. Take a pack of usual post envelopes of white color. Put a little - malsk the girl, familiar with Word`om, for the computer and print. What? And here to you a template for the hint.


to Antonina Alekseevna

from the " company; Pupkin and sons .
It is slightly more difficult than

performed by option, but much more productive in respect of a response - with transfer of names of the managers assigned to the client.


to Antonina Sergeyevna


of Sergey Shevchenko, Ivan Golubts, Panas Mirnyi

Pupkin and sons

with What to replace the bored box of chocolates?

you do not stint. Think of that how many money you are brought by clients.

If is necessary, break them into groups (the most important and other). you Give to

things which are a pity for throwing out (surely with a logo of the company, we do not want to spend money for nothing!) .

What to give: high-quality handles, office sets, small ridiculous souvenir toys (they are in the habit to wander on hands that to us, excuse for a pun, on a hand), convenient daily logs. The folding pocket mirror will be a successful gift for March 8 (naturally, with a logo which will be to be lit in consciousness of the client daily). Cups - have to be qualitative and pleasant in use (any plastic!).

That`s all. It was necessary only to enclose a card in an envelope, to put a souvenir with a logo of the company, to place all in a package (with a logo where without it?) .

Voila, an individual gift is ready.

For the companies which are guided by retail buyers.
on March 8 hand to

With each purchase a small souvenir (a charm for keys, the simplest handle), in this case it is optional even to apply a greeting card. On everyone - a logo, the text in the spirit of With a holiday on March 8! We think of you! . Present how it is pleasant to woman when children, the husband and own administration did not find time to receive congratulations and a gift from your company or forgot to make it.

Pleasant celebration, also let you more NOBODY EVER will dare to reproach with greed or just a carelessness! the opinion Is simple

: so far as concerns a congratulation by such lovely holidays, the abundance of logos on gifts very much will afflict me. And almost all my familiar women - too. Imposing of the brand in this case is even worse than an inattention - want to earn from me even on my holiday.