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Review of the movie Supernacho (Nacho Libre, 2006)

the Famous American actor and the musician Jack Blek learned the first rays of changeable glory after the picture Fanatic (High Fidelity, 2000). At least, Blek and considers. It the first million fees for the tapes " went already then; Bitch The Love is evil School of fate and King Kong . Imperceptibly for all Jack was beaten out into the forefront, being absolutely atypical performer for Hollywood. Thick, defiant, excentric, places to horror antsy and changing, it occupied the niche in modern American mainstream cinema, having divided monasteries of the comedian with others local jokers like Will Ferrell and Rob Schneider. Supernacho treats a comedy genre, however to me it is hardly believed that someone ukhakhatyvatsya really on viewings. It is necessary to be the great admirer of Blek that with affection to watch his incessant aping and narcissism.

Plot. By the way, based on real, if not events, then, at least, persons. The fat and curly monk Nacho since the childhood dreams to become a luchador. For those who are not aware in Mexico respect contact sport too, only at swarty kaktusovod and fans of a sombrero wrestling is not wrestling at all, and so-called beam to a libra free fight. In fact - the same, only with some technical and design nuances. In particular, participants of data of action - luchador - wear amusing (though to whom as) masks and suits. Masks, however, personally to me, for some reason reminded Zed from Pulp fiction but I will not develop this subject here.

So, Nacho`s dreams and remained dreams because he became a monk, and cooks soup for poor orphan children in a local church shelter. However the thought to come to a ring sooner or later as the annoying mosquito in still summer night, gundit in Nacho`s head. And here the destiny reduces it with the bum Eskeleto who precisely justifies the name because thin like a skeleton and so charming. Besides dirty, unkempt, but tenacious and nimble. Short fight for free chips of a vtemyashil in Nacho`s head the next obsession - they together with Eskeleto are simply obliged to come to a ring one team.

By itself, these two have any skills of fight or stupidly muscles of no whipping boys. They with persistence, worthy the best application, lose to everyone, even to women. But show - business remembers all, both winners, and won so Nacho with the workmate regularly receive a bribe for losses that to one allowed to dress up and look at last as the person, and - to buy another normal products for the children for a long time eating on scraps. However all the time to roll on a ring (or behind it) and to receive meek punches - very unpleasant and thankless job. Especially as houses, in church, Nacho cannot share details of the second life. In - the first, the church unambiguously does not approve a similar kind of activity for the monk that is fraught with shameful exile. In - the second, our hero is secretly in love with the sister Encarnacion and understands that if its secret is revealed, it will be more difficult for it to achieve its arrangement since he will be simply expelled from a shelter.

On a nose - the major fight in Nacho`s career. He is fated to meet an idol of local population (and what there to dissemble, Nacho`s idol) - Ramesses, the permanent champion of a ring, the owner of gold color of a mask and the fan of hot Mexican women. However, personal meeting of two future rivals demonstrated that Ramesses - the put on airs narcissus and the person crappy according to contents. Now, when the image of an idol is discredited, Nacho needed only to win against it physically, in the face of all city and the beloved Encarnacion

Americans like to shoot film about sport because a genre always favorable. There are also serious, interesting movies, the " type; Rocca Champion or Wrestler and is also everyone fufet it seems Ringleaders Farelli`s brothers or here Supernacho director Jared Hess. The last in 2004 already removed something similar, in his picture Napoleon " Dynamite; it was talked of the teenager from Mexico who desperately wants to become nindzy. The main mistake which was made by producers of this tape consists that they entirely assigned to it to Blek who elementary did not extend the movie. All these grimaces and song numbers that very organically looked in To School of fate cause only bewilderment here. As well as red truselya Nacho which and ask a good kick.

In the homeland Supernacho received reserved comments though financial results were more than inspiring (80 million collecting at the budget in 32 million) . It allowed creators to close eyes to negative reviews of the leading editions, and Blek even did not feel a hatred prick. His career in Hollywood is still considered promising, especially after participation in Soldiers of failure Stiller and a postscoring for Dreamworks studio of an animated hit The Shelter - faugh the Panda .

Anyway, Supernacho it is possible to consider as an obvious puncture and the comedy very low-level. It is too much protruding morals, few ridiculous moments, obvious predictability of the subject courses and the general sad consistence. I do not give movies marks since I consider that only repeated voluntary viewing can be the best assessment. This movie I hardly, periodically glancing at the timer, looked through once and I do not recommend to repeat my feat. So it was moved that someone needs to watch bad film. Today I was among them.