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How to make an unusual calendar as a gift? Present

that someone sent you the reference, and, having clicked it, you see a calendar with your photo in the center! It would be unexpected, the truth? Having spent literally several minutes of the free time, you can make such surprise to the friends.

The first that it is necessary for us - it is the picture or the photo placed where - nibud on the Internet. It is the simplest to load the photo from your computer on some website which is specially intended for public storage of different pictures. After short searches, I stopped on tinypic. com. However, you can use any other server. To be registered on tinypic. com is not obligatory, and as service free, it is possible to start loading of the file at once. For an example I used Natalya Andreychenko`s photo as mysterious Mary Poppins. I do not advise to use big pictures since. you will not be able to change then the photo size in a calendar. So, we load:

After the end of loading it is necessary to copy the link under the inscription Direct Link for Layouts it is among other under the big inscription Share This Image :

So, the picture on the Internet, and at us is the reference to it. Further we need a calendar. We come on makecalendar. net, and slightly below than preparation of a calendar we find the field for the address of the picture and we insert our copied link there.

We press Insert this image! also we receive a calendar with the picture. It is possible to change language of a calendar and year, it is possible to move months and the picture and to have them as it is pleasant to you. Having clicked figures of any day, it is possible to allocate thus concrete day in the chosen year. I noted on March 8 just like that, for an example, without wishing to offend anybody.

Having finished with design of a calendar, it is necessary to us it and to keep in such good look. In the lower part of the page we see a button Save it and give me a link! . Here it is necessary to enter the confirmation code represented on the picture is slightly higher. We press a button and we see just created address of our calendar and an example of the reference to it.

We copy the link, and we do with it that wanted. It is possible even to make the whole selection of such references, celebrating significant dates and using the corresponding photos or drawings. Besides, such calendar can be used not only for reminders on the past, but also for planning of the future (but it is already a subject for other article). I wish pleasant creativity!