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Popular resorts in Turkey

• Cyd

Cyd - the ancient seaside city that is on the peninsula near Antalya. This expensive and prestigious resort gives to the guests a pacification and silence, opportunities to sunbathe on the beautiful beach and to enjoy the sea, and other entertainments, and tours will be conducted you in the wake of Anthony and Cleopatra, in places of glory of Alexander the Great. Rest in Cyd

• A baby seal

the Baby seal - the young Turkish resort designed by the leading world architects. Here everything is created for comfortable rest, the infrastructure of the resort includes literally everything that it is possible to wish, including numerous golf - clubs. Near the resort the extensive national park, the pine and eucalyptus wood, orange plantations are located. Rest in the Baby seal

• Marmaris

Marmaris is a pearl among the Turkish resorts. Here very good conditions for diving and bathing in the sea, on its embankment 4 kilometers long are located night clubs, cafe, restaurants where to fit with a cup of the Turkish coffee so well and to look at a decline. Very beautiful park, interesting medieval fortress, go ferries to the Greek island Rhodes from here. Rest to Marmaris

• Antalya

the Turkish Antalya - one of the best, and most popular resorts of the world. Here Green Torossky Mountains with snow tops form the most beautiful gulf of the Mediterranean Sea, with beautiful beaches and the crystal-clear sea. Mountains protect Antalya from cold winds that creates a unique subtropical microclimate. Here always good weather, and quantity available in hotel and beyond its limits of entertainments it is impossible even to list. Rest in Antalya

• Kemer

Kemer not without reason call “God the gifted place on the earth“. In the territory of ancient Lycia the popular Turkish resort where there is everything - both the sea, and snow-covered Torossky mountains, and sosnovo - the eucalyptus woods, and banana, lemon and orange plantations is located now. And, of course, a set of hotels in which service will please even the choosiest tourists. Rest to Kemer

• Alania

Alania - one more deservedly popular Turkish resort. The city that when that was the strengthened capital of ancient Pamphylia, welcomes tourists now. There is an amazing climate, and the amplest opportunities for rest, in that number of active. Surely see the sights of Alania - the Byzantine fortress, the Red Tower, and a stalactite cave Dalmatash! Rest in Alania

. • Bodrum

Bodrum is the favourite vacation spot of musicians, poets, artists from around the world. One of the most prestigious Turkish resorts is simply created for rest - picturesque bays of the Mediterranean Sea, and wonderful golden beaches are replaced by the pine woods, and orange groves. Bodrum gives a pacification, forces and inspiration! Rest to Bodrum

• Fetkhiye

the Resort of Fetkhiye has remarkable potential for diving, and water sports. The lagoon Oliya Denise is known for the whole world, and silvery fir-trees, and other unique trees grow in the local woods. Rough mountain small rivers, and the national park located nearby will please those who want to carry out the rest in a unification with the nature. Fetkhiye - the beautiful place for excursions, it is possible to see the fortress of Rhodes, ruins of the ancient city of Telmessos here, and it is a lot of other interesting things. Rest in Fetkhy

will not force you to regret Any resort of Turkey which you will choose for rest about the choice! Turkey is the country with the most beautiful nature, amazing climate developed by tourism infrastructure, and a set of interesting historical and architectural monuments.