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Beer the Velkopopovitsky Goat of

In each Czech town, cook the grade of beer according to own recipes. The profession the Brewer in the Czech Republic - always sounds yours faithfully. The Czech Brewer is respected not less, than the banker, the doctor or the priest. The Czech beer - a subject of national pride in the Czech Republic, tradition connecting generations of Czechs, the part of the Czech culture disappearing roots of the Czech statehood.

In a word - business of the state importance.

The most known grades of cheshky beer no more than fifteen. Any grade of the Czech beer is good on the. But at each beer the difference from other grades of the Czech beer.

But nevertheless system of an assessment of quality of beer in the Czech Republic is available.

First - density beer. What is it it is known, actually, only to brewers. The consumer determines density only on taste and by a label where it is designated by percent. The most popular - 12 - percentage Czech beer, but now more and more in the Czech Republic prefer to it 10 - percentage beer. In general a beer density boundary - from 8 to 14. Speak, dense beer, and in warm weather - less dense is better drunk in the winter.

the Second criterion - chromaticity of beer. You probably heard it: light Czech beer - more tart - for men, dark Czech beer is more sweet - for women. Though, of course, everything is conditional: beer in the Czech Republic is drunk by all and everyone, each Czech has favourite grades of beer.

the Third criterion - the content in alcohol beer. Very strong Czech beer (over 5%) is made a little. However, is weak (to 3%) and in general nonalcoholic, generally Czech beer is about 4,5 - 4,7% of alcohol.

Plzensky Prazdroy.

the City of Plzen is a beer capital of the Western Czech Republic. Light plzensky beer (Prazdra) is obliged by the present world glory to ambition of Pilsen beer masters of the middle of the 19th century. These Czech brewers strongly wanted to create a counterbalance to the famous dark brands of the next Bavaria for what they, of course, invited the Bavarian masters. Experience of generations of brewers and technologies new for those times yielded excellent results.

Prazdra - light beer silt of the city of Plznya became well-known especially as for advance of a product rather cynical marketing mix was used: actively to offer beer of Prazdry steel to patients and tourists in nearby located balneological Czech resorts - Karlovy Vary, Mariana and Frantishkovykh Lazne, and later Yakhimov. Not nevertheless to drink one medicinal water. Coming back from resorts the educated vacationers carried a message about surprising Czech beer of Prazdroye over the countries and the cities. In the middle of the twentieth century the " brand was registered; Plzen sky " beer; and in 1998 - Pilsner Urquell (now there are its options in 10 and 12% of density, respectively, 4. 4 and 4. 7% of alcohol).

The Czech beer which is most loved in the Czech Republic - casting. Earlier the Czech beer was spilled in wooden hundred-liter barrels, now beer barrels were succeeded by metal size on 50 and 30 liters in everyone. But the love to draft Czech beer remained. The second for demand - bottle beer. And finally - canned Czech beer. One more " point; in beer - it is water from which the Czech beer is welded. They say that in Prague - the capital of the Czech Republic not the best water for beer preparation even if this water bjt from artesian wells. Therefore for the Czech what excellent would not be beer of the Prague beer factories, plzensky beer remains an ideal: well-known Prazdra it under other name - Urkvel then Gambrinus . These grades are known and respected by millions of admirers around the world. In Europe, for example, in different places you can drink Plzner but not always it native it is simply made in Germany or Belgium on Czech beer technology. So before look at a bottle: it is simple Plzner or nevertheless Plzensky Prazdroy - real and unique. Water in Plzna very soft, mainly carbonate, with the low content of salt. The principles of original technology 12 - percentage " beer; Prazdra keep in secret still, equally, as well as codes of main types of raw materials - barley and hop. Czech " beer; Prazdra export to seventy countries of the world.

Budeyovitsky Budvar made in the city of Chesk to Budeyovitsa is the Czech beer, boiled on classical beer technologies from the best natural raw materials in the Czech Republic. And the raw materials are a headed hop from zhatetsky area, Moravian malt and water from own artesian wells, very deep more than three hundred meters.

a Large amount of the natural, natural substances which are contained in Budeyovitsk Budvare interferes with action of oxygen radicals - the reasons of many diseases. Precisely operated process of brewing limits emergence of undesirable reactions of carbohydrates with other important substances, without interfering with formation of the typical substances giving to beer a specific smell, taste and golden color.

At rather long maturing of beer Budeyovitsky Budvar plays an important role the barmy fungus interfering oxidizing processes and emergence of oxidation products, undesirable to beer. Also large amount of valuable vitamins and others, not less useful to health the drinking person, substances is allocated. Bonus camp Czech beer Budeyovitsky Budvar keeps up full ninety days, and the extra strong beer Bud pines even two hundred days!

the Traditional beer technology, use of exclusively natural Czech ingredients and long process of maturing distinguishes the Czech beer Budeyovitsky Budvar from the majority of the grades of beer which are made in the World.

Budeyovitsky Budvar - the Czech beer which deeply wandered, and it, together with the low content of carbohydrates, means its low power value. This quality will be estimated, probably, first of all, by the consumers who are afraid of growth of weight. Despite the low content of carbohydrates, beer has high antioxidant feature for the reason that Budvar contains malt tannins.

Staropramen (Staropramen) - the Czech grade of light beer of the highest quality. Within centuries skillful Czech brewers worked on creation of own Prague grades differing in true and soft beer taste. In a consequence of excellent work of the Prague brewers there were original brands of beer which deservedly brought to Prague a rank of the brewing capital of Europe.

Staropramen what in translation means Old source cooks according to the license and under control of experts of the " company; Prazske pivovary a. s. with deep respect for rich traditions and experience of the Czech brewers. Habitual tastes and standards of the well-known Czech beer are kept: density - 10,0%, the content of alcohol - 4%.

Positioned in the " segment; premium new product To SAN Interbr is issued in exclusive green glass bottles of 0,5 and 0,33 liters.

History and present

Staropramen cook according to the original recipe on " brewery; Smichov since 1869. The trademark is registered in 1911.

Today Staropramen Staropramen - key brand of the " company; Prazske pivovary a. s. entering into the international company Interbrew. A beer grade Staropramen takes the third place in popularity in the Czech Republic and repeatedly became the winner of prestigious brewing competitions in the Czech Republic and beyond its limits.


The Velkopopovitsky Goat (Velkopopovicky Kozel) this Czech beer has long history. The Velkopopovitsky Goat cooks since 1727 when monks constructed own brewery. Feature of this Czech 12 - percentage beer citrus aroma is considered.

passes Every year Day of a goat when each fan of intoxicated drinks respecting himself is obliged to revel to a goat state in the Czech Republic to resemble a goat from a label of the favourite beer - the Velkopopovitsky Goat.

" light beer; Velkopopovitsky Goat - this truly Czech beer with long-term history which by right deserved about 20 prestigious awards at the international competitions .

Structure: water, malt, hop.

Power value: 36 kcal / 100 g

Density: 9,75%

Alcohol: 3,7% about.

Krushovitsa is one of the most ancient brands of the Czech beer. Royal Brewery To Krushovitsa it is founded in 1583, in the town with the name of the same name. To Krushovitsa, it is located among fields and meadows with very fertile soil which is simply created for growth of barley and malt - bases of qualitative Czech beer - Krushovitsa. Water for beer to Krushovitsa, is delivered from new water wells in the Krshivoklatsky woods. It in turn promotes receiving excellent, high-quality water which is pledge of a fine flavoring bouquet of the Czech " beer; To Krushovitsa .

Rewarding with its GOLD medal at the Anniversary industrial exhibition in Prague in 1891 was one more confirmation of the highest quality of the Czech beer to Krushovitsa.

is high appreciation at the accounting of huge number of participants of this competition of brewers.

To Russia is delivered two most successful grades of beer.

; To Krushovitsa light - alcohol - 4,9%, the square. - 12%.

To Krushovitsa dark - alcohol - 3,9%, the square. - 10%. for

On a basis Krushovitsa, it is possible to prepare cut beer (when light beer is poured first of all, and then on it the second layer impose dark).