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Whether it is difficult to make a podium with own hands? If the interior designer intends suit

to you scene do not hurry to refuse! Perhaps, your dwelling will only benefit from it in respect of originality, a practicality and expressiveness. A podium (and it is about these designs!) - one of the most actual interior decisions. It came to us together with fashion on the Japanese style. In the Land of the rising sun davny - can increase long ago partially floor level, increasing the useful area of the house.

However if you remember, in Soviet period when we also did not think of the Japanese style, the same solution of the same task was proposed by magazines of the " type; Make itself But the podium attracts us not only an opportunity to store different things in its subsoil. This design in literal and figurative sense raises us, allows to feel as the soloist on whom people around - audience look from below up. It is pleasant even if this concerning feeling is not realized by us...

Divide and dominate

One of the main functions of a podium - zoning of space. So it turns out that for the person any distortion of level of a floor seems a peculiar border. At the same time the objects which are above are perceived by us as more significant, dominating. For this reason everything that is on house to a scene finds the status of the predominating part of an interior. And it is possible to establish anything, especially here if it is about the studio apartment or multipurpose to the room. A working zone in the integrated kitchen-dining room, a dining table or a corner for rest with upholstered furniture in a drawing room, a bed in a bedroom, a desk in an office, toys in the nursery, a bathroom in a bathroom - options a set. And any corner of the apartment, if it it is raised over the general level of a floor, it seems attractive, cozy, attracting. You understand how it is favourably possible to use this feature!

By means of a podium it is possible to correct unsuccessful proportions of the room. For example, very narrow and extended room scene established between long walls, will make more harmonious. The angular podium will give to the standard square room dynamism. Certainly, height of ceilings at the same time has to be sufficient. That the person standing on an eminence did not feel like the Atlas who is propping up the sky. Especially often designers focus attention on a podium also lowering of the level of a ceiling over it.

It would be desirable to note that the podium needs own system of lighting as any relatively autonomous a site in the apartment. Neutral option - dot lamps under a ceiling. The bright and expressive decision - the directed searchlights or sources which are hanging down from a ceiling. For naibory an intimate situation - a sconce on walls and the lamps which are built in in furniture or directly in a podium. In a word, everything depends on independently that atmosphere which you want to create. There is a separate wish to tell about podiums by which the main routes of your house lie. They need to be equipped with night illumination - signal lights that members of household did not come across and did not fall from them in the dark.

Nobody will see anything

the Practicality - one more very important characteristic of a podium. Space under scene it is possible and is necessary to use. For very small rooms - it just rescue, usual cases take too much place, reduce the level of illumination and create feeling of narrowness. It is very convenient to store bedding in drawers of a podium - pillows, spare mattresses, blankets, linen.

If eobkhodimo it is possible to make so that from a sidewall scenes will leave korobkoobrazny bed: the additional berth will never prevent! In the nursery under a podium it is possible to hide toys. In a hall - footwear. In a bathroom under such design it is possible to hide communications, home tools, and in kitchen - also winter conservation.

If depth of a podium is too big, to do drawers of the same size is not really convenient and practical: it will be difficult to reach their back wall. It is better to make them standard depth, and to occupy free space drowned systems of storage, access to which is provided from above. At the same time covers of such boxes can even not act over a podium surface. It turns out peculiar hiding place which it is possible in addition to disguise furniture or carpet.

However if for jewelry and secrets at you it is better to eat storage, drowned in a podium the box can become a basis for decorative decisions. For example, in it is mute it is possible to place graceful bagatelles, multi-colored stones, a collection of butterflies and even an aquarium, having covered from above with the special tempered glass on which it is possible to go. Believe, it looks very stylishly!

Having equipped house scene a screen, a sliding partition or an effective drapery, you will be able without efforts to turn it into the certain room almost imperceptible outside. It especially causes convenience if on an eminence there is a bed, a workplace or a private corner for a relaxation.

Certainly, ready the podium cannot be bought. The product will always be so individually that make it only to order. In it there is the advantage, you can be sure that your house scene - one and only. The firms which are engaged in construction, repair and finishing works and also some producers of cabinet furniture will be able to build a podium. Depending on height, depth, appointment and stuffings designs experts will pick up the necessary material and will calculate a design so that the podium reliably served you considerably for many years.