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from the moment of the emergence in far 2001 every year SU gained popularity, giving to the admirers all new and new opportunities for an aprgeyd, helping to develop the talents and opening new names. In a word, in 10 years of existence the festival by right can be called legendary - and now time to grandiosely celebrate legend anniversary came. The mass of surprises, gifts of bonuses and innovations is prepared for all veterans, winners, participants and just guests of a festival in a season of 2010:

1. The first and unique multimedia a reality - the movie about Urban - culture “ Become a legend! “ in which everyone will be able to participate! A legend of the Russian bmx - cultures, the honourable participant of team of a festival and Alexander Cuokolai and his faithful companion and the colleague Vitalik Scherbakov conducting on the Main scene go the third year in a row from the city to the city, through all Russia to searches of a formula of how to become a legend. On the way they will meet the real legends of SNICKERS® URBANIYA! In the first series Noize MC, Da Boogie Crew, Alex D, Kolya Kreyvis, Pasha Sorokin and Vova Kosyakov will share with them the to no - Hau. In the second &Çĺëĺíűé Cuokolai series will look for talents for creation of the new anthem SU, and in the third part will go to the people - to look for a fabulosity secret among simple participants and guests of an anniversary festival in all cities. A culmination outcome of shootings of a reality - the movie in a genre of the documentary comedy - on Final battle. Premier display of full-length multimedia cinema “ Become a legend! “ - in November on all monitors of the country on www. urbania. su! Each series of the multimedia movie is created with assistance of technology gipervido from actio. tv - in video are possible links, transitions according to references, addition of new shots and the other benefits from the advanced future.

2. Contest “ On kypSU “ for those who want to celebrate anniversary in all cities of SNICKERS® URBANIYA. By results of a contest winners receive tickets for Final Battle. 30 participants, the first the visited 5 cities of a festival and the collected 5 stamps in the special passport of the participant, receive the VIP - tickets for Final battle. On urbania. su - hints on each city from inhabitants: the best places for driving, rest, accommodation, parties and other useful data.

3. Carrying out the first and only Final Fight (Final Battle) among winners from 10 cities of a caravan of SU, when refereeing the international legends Urban - cultures in disciplines of SU. Except finals and a musical contest of URBAN Sound in the Final battle program also shootings separate the specialist - series about closing of a season of 2010, definition of results of vote for the Capital of a festival, the master - classes and performances of foreign pro-riders and super - show from a headliner.

4. The SMS - the Contest for those to whom is what to tell how “ Once on SU “ the strange story happened - winners also go to Final Battle. For participation it is necessary to buy SNICKERS  bar; at a festival to receive a card with a code, to think up original and format continuation of the phrase “ Once on SU... “ and to send to the SMS together with a code to competitive number. In each city all sent messages are broadcast on the big screen, winners are selected by special jury.

5. Special performance and a heap of respects by that who ever won on SNICKERS® URBANIYA from 2001 to 2009. Special time on each zone SU in each city that deserved " will be provided to the most worthy; old men “ could show the abilities and talents again and to receive respects of crowd and SU Team.

6. The anniversary, increased twice board - park of which it was possible and not to dream earlier will pass on all cities of a festival. Long-awaited acquisition appeared on SU thanks to legendary SU - timovets: the project of park - by Alexander Cuokolai, production - by Nikolay Kreyvis and his " teams; SKPARK “. Uniqueness of new park is that in it is twice more than figures, but at the same time it remains mobile.

7. A noncommercial contest for young and impudent musical collectives URBAN Sound in which each group executing alternative music can break through and win a prize - shooting of the video clip. In 2010 the contest became twice more due to carrying out in its framework than the competition URBAN Soundtrack which winners will make the music a soundtrack to a reality - the movie “ Become a legend! “

8. Vote for a rank of the Capital of a festival. The title of the Capital and bonuses - exclusive registration, the anthem, the separate SU collection, super - show - riders and own headliner - receives the city which gathered a majority of votes from pro (wrappers from SNICKERS  bars;) participants and guests of a festival.

9. Anniversary SU Collection. The best meeting of the most fashionable, devices and pieces actual and necessary to each urbanist. A subject of a collection of 2010 - legendary persons of a festival.

10. Live legends of a festival - honourable participants of SU Team. On all cities of a festival will pass: Sasha Cuokolai (the leader of a festival, the helmsman of shootings of a reality - the movie), Vitalik Scherbakov (the helmsman of shootings of a reality - the movie, conducting the zones “ Neolimpiya “) Borya Berestov (the judge in discipline a board), Grisha Mikhalitsyn (the judge in discipline rollers), Gosha Podjyapolsky (the judge in discipline of bmx), Mischa Rostomyan (a rider in discipline of bmx), Sasha Avdeev (a rider in discipline a board), Dima Tipikin (a rider in discipline rollers), Timur aka MC Check (conducting the " platforms; Chelnut “), Da Boogie Crew in full strength (the People conducting platforms. Miss, BreakKing and BombART).