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Myths about education or What prevents to study and train?

are Very frequent teachers, parents and pupils, without understanding true bases, trust the false reasons of their failures and respectively incorrectly solve the problems. At the same time make such steps which can do them harm.

At schools are trained semiliterate and illiterate pupils who are indifferent, indifferent to knowledge, pupils who shirk occupations or break discipline in a class. It occurs only because schools do not understand these bases and, as a result, cannot solve all these problems.

Pupils miss on occupations, they cannot realize the potential, and, eventually, begin to study for the sake of a mark, but not with intention to apply the knowledge. Such pupils lost any hope that the school can inspire them or help them to decide on the purposes and to achieve them. But the most awful that this is true, schools do not understand true bases of training.

without understanding true bases, we make huge funds in training process, at the same time hanging up on our children such labels as syndrome of violation of attention syndrome of deficiency of attention hyperactivity minimum dysfunction of a brain dizleksiya capable only in mathematics or disorder of reading frustration of the letter etc.

how on children labels appear, comes and freedom to appoint and extend drugs from these illnesses. Pupils to whom were exposed wrong diagnoses were cured in such a way that at them only symptoms of their diseases, but " disappeared; illnesses . The correct and effective solutions of their problems were not found.

From - for misunderstandings of bases we have teachers who expect nothing from the pupils, and as result, requirements imposed to education level decrease, and training materials become simpler very much. For example, now schools are estimated on the reading level reached by her pupils, but not on a skill level of the teacher, interest, pleasure, passion, children.

the Developed system never considered and still does not consider interests of either teachers, or pupils and does not take into account of true bases of training namely how to learn and how to study. Students never studied for themselves.

the Truth such is that the understanding of true bases how to study and how to learn has no relation (in what many experts would like to force us to believe) to to diseases a brain which are reason of all problems of training or beliefs that pupils develop a reflex on any irritant and therefore they should be trained as rats - to start in a labyrinth.

Applied education (Applied Scholastics International) - non-profit public organization, is the only organization which helped to make educational revolutions around the world by means of educational technology, studying of the technology developed by L. Ron Hubbard. Thousands of teachers and students were trained on this technology.

of Ann Archer, the actress nominated for an award of the International Applied Education noted: Miracles of Technology of Training became habitual to the person who understands it, and uses it. I beg all teachers to accept and use Technologies of Training if they intend to provide effective services in education. If from the person a lot of things are expected, then he can rise to such level to turn dream into reality .

In other words - if from the person is expected a little, then it will never grow to the level of execution of his dream.

Increase of the established education level of students as well as inability to training are a consequence of the fact that teachers expect nothing from the pupils.

In case teachers consider that they deal with people, i.e. with those, who have a soul, they look for various solutions of problems. They do not use such terms as, incapable of training or syndrome of violation of attention they do not agree, with the fact that their students like animals develop reaction to incentive and are considered as big rats. They think that problems are caused by the simple, obvious reasons (they do not think that problems in training are connected with mental shortcomings). They do not consider that children who have problems in training, surely incapable, silly or the insane. They just try to eliminate the obstacles preventing knowledge acquisition and which can be eliminated at the correct approach and methods of training.

Bernard Percy,

the international representative of Applied Education,

the teacher, the consultant, the expert in the field of education of children and the solution of family questions, the author of books and publications, the cofounder and the editor-in-chief of the " magazine; Converge .

To learn more about such approach and methods, and also it is possible to study technology of training, having addressed Applied Formation of the CIS.