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The green diet of

the Green diet which quickly enough won popularity among women of Russia is from America. Nutritionists of the USA offered an effective way of clarification of an organism and weight reduction. It is based on the use in food of exclusively green fruit and vegetables. Interestingly, in what their feature?

is known to All that fruit and vegetables are storerooms of vitamins, cellulose and minerals and in general are useful to health. Besides they usually contain a few calories and therefore promote weight reduction. Authors of a diet claim that products of green color contain the negative number of calories. Our organism spends for their processing much more forces, than receives.

Duration of a green diet of 3 - 5 days. All this time it is necessary to use products of exclusively green color. The menu has to be rather various. Do not give preference to any one product. Include in food sweet pepper, cucumbers, green peas, sheet salad, cabbage, vegetable marrows, green grapes, green apples, a kiwi. For cooking it is possible to use spicy herbs and all greens. It is necessary to refuse salt for a while.

From drinks is possible unsweetened green tea, water and grass broths. The green diet has some weakening effect on a digestive tract. To strengthen a stomach, to increase resistance of an organism to catarrhal diseases, accept camomile decoction.

according to psychologists, green products load the person with positive energy as green color has the calming effect, lightens mood and just corresponds to health.

should not keep to the Green diet in the presence of any chronic diseases, to children, pregnant women and the feeding women. Before a course of a diet it is desirable to consult to the doctor.

Pay attention: before beginning to eat according to a green diet consult at the dietitian

the Green diet

the Essence of such diet is simple: eat vegetables and greens, green fruit, adding to them a small amount of other natural products (honey, fruit and vegetables of other flowers, low-fat meat, fish, the crude grain, eggs, the fat-free dairy products). Many claim that weight reduction is promoted by green color therefore the green diet is so effective. Part of experts also say that green vegetables and fruit (vegetable marrows, cucumbers, pepper, apples, etc.) are sated with negative calories. Much more energy is spent for their digestion of such products, than contains in them. Actually, it, of course, not absolutely so that does not prevent a green diet to be rather nourishing and effective. The majority of green vegetables are low-calorie, rich with cellulose, nekrakhmalist and nizkouglevodna and for this reason doctors advise to consume them as much as possible. Eat them every day, and you not only will avoid a lack of many useful substances, but also will get rid of feeling of hunger, despite the low caloric content of the menu.

Green vegetables normalize sugar level in blood as possess a low glycemic index. To reduce the general caloric content of a portion, it is recommended to combine them with any food saturated with proteins, fats or carbohydrates. The green diet surely has to include enough irreplaceable fatty acids and proteins. By all means include in the menu of a diet fish and other seafood (on 1 portion a day), mushrooms, eggs (to 1 piece a day), soy, the bean, and also fat-free dairy products (1 - 2 portions a day). If the feeling of hunger disturbs, eat 1 - 2 fruit or 20 - 25 g of nuts (seeds). Carbohydrates can be received with honey, grain and bread.

Approximate menu of a green diet per day:

For breakfast: Make oat flakes on water with addition of grated apple, juice of a lemon, the crushed nuts and a small amount of honey. Glass of yogurt or kefir.

For the second breakfast (at ten o`clock): several crude green fruit or glass of fruit juice.

For lunch: Make crude green vegetables salad (a garden radish, cabbage, cucumbers, a green salad, onions and garlic, parsley, fennel, spinach and so forth). Boil egg. Glass of fruit juice.

For dinner: Fish, as a garnish - stewed cabbage. Piece of whole-grain bread.