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Who turned a genre of the comedy

Jackie Chan - the most popular actor in Asia. It not exaggeration. Even after he moved to Hollywood and began to shoot movies with the Hollywood directors, he remained the first actor in Asia. He created an own genre, it the first and, I am afraid, the last in this genre. Nobody except it will be able to make anything similar, nobody except it will endanger the life only to make the next tremendous trick independently. And not for nothing any insurance company does not want to conclude the contract with Jackie Chan. Just because it is afraid to be ruined. I do not blame them for it.

Jackie Chan fantastically possesses own body: the school of the Beijing opera at which he spent all the childhood brought up in the walls and Sammo Huo - the hero of the series " which recently passed on the Russian television; Chinese policeman . Actually Sammo, at school - elder brother Jackie, here the most indicative example: thick and short-legged, it carries out all tricks. Both of them began together in the Hong Kong cinema as stuntmen. Plus the splendid preparation at school of the Beijing opera, and result - dizzy acrobatic tricks, practically without insurance (it can spoil impression of the viewer) and doublers. Once having decided

that the great fighter not to become it, and not to replace Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan decided to play the fool and to make laugh people and invented own unique genre of the comedy which basis make not ridiculous dialogues and a throwing of cakes in the opponent, and the real acrobatics mixed about a shelter - faugh. It is necessary to pay attention in Jackie Chan`s movies to it - what it is impossible neither to repeat, nor to copy. The long Nose (a school nickname of Jackie Chan) made improbable, it turned a genre of the comedy, comedy as it was understood in Hollywood, and achieved deafening success. Jackie Chan`s imagination - special type of imagination. Not provisions of heroes, not their role, not dialogues and not suits are ridiculous. Concrete momentary situations into which they get also how they get out of them are ridiculous. It is laughter from our usual life - there is an ordinary person, and suddenly decided to run behind the leaving bus. Here at the time of this run Jackie Chan also includes the imagination, and the person instead of just running, gets up some unimaginable things, and it is absolutely optional that at the end it will fall in a pool.

I you do not leave the hall after a heppa at all - an enda, remain for several minutes. In all movies of Jackie Chan after the final there is a cutting from the shots which did not enter the movie: numerous reservations of Jackie for which to tell in English torture, unsuccessful falling, ridiculous shots from a shooting stage. Only the Long Nose lets the viewer for the screen, and really it is worth looking at it.