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How more effectively to learn to speak in English?

Are a large number of people who never reflected as to them to learn a foreign language. Many of them did not attend special courses and did not take examinations, but it does not prevent them to communicate freely in English at all - to listen, tell, understand foreign thoughts and to report the. As a rule, it is children and other family members who appeared abroad together with the relatives. In an environment of the people who are not understanding their native language they necessarily had to learn to communicate on foreign - here you want - you do not want, and you will learn to talk. But how?

As a rule, such people just begin to communicate with acquaintances and peers - at schools, in public places. First it is necessary many to listen and try to sort that the told phrase meant. Then it becomes simpler to sort someone else`s words, and already it turns out to say the short phrases in a foreign language. It is not enough - Pomala communication becomes more brisk, words in use are used more and more. And already through some time it is possible to communicate with ease with anyone.

It is the most natural way of learning of foreign language - at continuous communication language is learned by itself. In the same way children learn to speak and in the native language - in the beginning listen, then long ottrenirovyvat separate words and phrases, and at last, learn to speak fluently and without mistakes. They can creatively treat the speech - to think out new words, a slang, to create own language. Also we learn to speak in Russian, British and Americans also learn to speak.

But learning of foreign language from scratch by the abroad - the stress is also not suitable for one and all - to appear in others country moreover and without an opportunity to communicate in the native language - it not everyone will sustain. Is best of all so children by whom not to occupy persistence and a spontaneity can learn language.

And, on the contrary, such way of studying of language will turn out the adult not so suitable - to begin to talk on foreign it is necessary to break own barriers and fears, besides, if to children the peers who are ridiculously distorting words are interesting, then to business people not before to listen to the speech with mistakes and infinite pauses.

Fortunately, there is a way to learn English as well as its carriers. At the same time it is not obligatory to go to travel at the other end of the world at all. It is rather just correct to choose an English course.

The matter is that on a course of colloquial English it is possible to plunge into language and to learn to talk on it in absolutely comfortable atmosphere, without leaving own country. At the same time it is possible to learn to communicate in English as well as in the native language - without excess cramming of rules and unnecessary deepenings in the theory. It is possible to communicate in English all the time - in the beginning simple phrases, then - more and more exact and detailed. At the same time none of pupils have a stress - in group all of about one level.

On the other hand, communication is not reduced to a sign language or infinite series of mistakes as each group is engaged with the teacher who will correct for a mistake in time . After several months of training at it a course of colloquial English pupils quietly have interviews for work in the international companies and go to business trips, take tests for confirmation of the level of proficiency in English.

All of them are united by not formal knowledge of the English rules and grammar, and ability to communicate in English, about such speak - behind the word will not get into a pocket. After such course of colloquial English pupils are accustomed to think in English at once, without translating the thoughts from Russian on foreign.

Here and all secret of fast and effective studying of English. By the way, all course lasts usually no more than a year (if you already learned English and know something, then you need less time) - surprisingly, but thanks to an effective technique of training to talk it is possible to learn later short time. The main thing that language did not turn into unclear freight which nobody ever uses, but for confirmation of existence of which it is necessary to spend many forces and time.

If each studied word is fixed by practice, then already through short time it is possible to talk in English and to understand the English speech. However, if you want to see what is an effective method of studying of English - register in a free introduction lesson of a course of colloquial English. You will see what to begin it is possible to talk in English after couple of occupations!

Study the English speech effectively! Learn English together with us!

Aleksandra Zharikova,

teacher of a course of English

of Applied Education