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5 ways to make skin ideal

Author: Natalya Udonova

it is necessary to Support beauty both outside, and from within. Best of all fruit will cope with it. We planned 5 purposes and picked up the most useful products which will help skin to achieve desirable result.


collagen is responsible For elasticity of skin. His chief supplier vitamin C - a microcell which is not developed by an organism. But, the benefit, in enough it is possible to receive it together with food.

Products: orange, a lemon, strawberry, raspberry, a kiwi will present you vitamin C, however the leader in his contents is a dogrose. How to use it to itself for the good?

Byyuti - the recipe. Make infusion of a dogrose. Fill up a handful of berries of a dogrose in a glass and fill in with boiled water. You can use infusion for drink or dip into it a gauze and make a warm compress for 10 - 15 minutes. Skin will well be moistened and will receive useful substances.


In order that skin looked fresh and shining, antioxidants, in particular, vitamin E are necessary for it. It restores a protective layer of skin, promotes cell renewal and improves complexion. This vitamin often contains in creams and as a part of polyvitaminic complexes.

Products: most of all vitamin contains in vegetable oils, a liver of animals, eggs, cereal, bean, Brussels sprout, broccoli, dogrose berries, a sea-buckthorn, green leaves of vegetables, sweet cherry, a mountain ash, seeds of apples and pears. Also there is a lot of it in sunflower seeds, a peanut, almonds.

Byyuti - the recipe. Make a mask of a sea-buckthorn. Crush in the blender 2/3 of a cup of berries, add on a teaspoon of fat unsweetened yogurt and honey, for the bleaching effect you can add several drops of a lemon. Leave ready mix for half an hour in the refrigerator, so it will thicken and will be better applied on skin.

The mask is good for a face and a neck, it perfectly refreshes, improves blood circulation. After it skin becomes smooth and finds a healthy flush.


B2 Vitamin (Riboflavinum) is necessary for healthy skin, nails, growth of hair and in general for health of all organism. The first indicator of its shortcoming - a crack on lips.

Products: a liver and kidneys, yeast, eggs, almonds, mushrooms, cottage cheese, buckwheat, milk, meat, the purified rice, pasta, white loaf, the majority of fruit and vegetables.

Insufficient consumption of milk and the dairy products which are the main sources of this vitamin is the main reason for deficiency of Riboflavinum.

Byyuti - the recipe. Make a nutritious mask on the basis of cottage cheese. Mix two tablespoons of fresh cottage cheese with one spoon of honey, bring down in the form of cream and put on a face, including on skin around eyes and a mouth. Wash away cool milk. Such mask perfectly nourishes dry skin, humidifying it and doing more softly.


will help to Reduce inflammations and to relieve skin of an acne substance lycopene (karotinoidny antioxidant).

Products: excessive consumption of potatoes, white loaf, white rice, candies, macaroni can become the reason of developing of an acne. These products give simple carbohydrates which increase insulin level in blood and therefore on skin rashes develop. It is necessary to eat red products - a water-melon, tomatoes, pink grapefruit, pulp and a thin skin of tomato. Include in a diet also macaroni from firm grades of wheat, bread gray and brown fig.

of Byyuti - the recipe. Make a mask of tomatoes, it will have the knitting effect. Thinly cut circles of one tomato put on the person, leave for 10 - 15 minutes. Then cut in half the second tomato and the flat parties massage a face roundabouts: it will promote narrowing of a time. Wash away a mask warm water.

5. PURPOSE: Polyphenols - powerful antioxidants of a phytogenesis Will help to REDUCE QUANTITY of WRINKLES

, they slow down aging process, protect skin from destruction. Besides, have antibacterial effect and improve blood circulation.

Products: the glass of red wine in day or a cluster of black or red grapes will be provided with the necessary amount of polyphenols. Use raisin.

Byyuti - the recipe. Make the rejuvenating compress of grapes. Knead a handful of grapes and wring out juice in a cup. Add as much milk. Dip a gauze napkin into mix and put it on the person for 20 minutes. Then rinse a face with warm water and the massing movements apply cream.