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What SMS scams happen on the Internet of

I Here I will tell you about what SMS scams happen on the Internet

1) the Most popular at the moment SMS the scam is a trojan (Trojan. Winlock)

This trojan blocks windows or you on a desktop have a banner or in the browser, in all cases ask to send SMS to clean a banner or to unblock the computer, all this a scam, do not take in head to send anything anywhere.

Is rather simple to visit the sites of the anti-virus companies, for example Dr. Web and there you will find passwords for an unblocking of this sort of a trojan then I recommend to check the computer the free utility of Dr. Web CureIt which is also available on the website Dr. Web.

2) On the website SMS for example to be registered or receive the earned means ask to send you, and write that it is absolutely free, you should not risk, just call the mobile network operator and specify the cost of this sending and everything will become clear if all of you sent SMS and at you withdrew funds from the account, then they can be returned, only surely read rules of the website as by means of rules swindlers will make so that you will not be able to return means or cost after all they where that indicated but you it did not notice, in that case too will not return you means.

3) On the website ask to specify your cellular number for allegedly registration, be careful, it can be a usual scam which works at a basis of the fact that when you entered the number and confirmed registration, to you the code in the form of SMS which should be entered on the website and after its input came, you automatically agreed to paid SMS mailing and to you SMS for which will withdraw certain funds from your account will begin to come, I recommend not to enter the number on the suspicious websites if all of you got into such situation, then at once call the operator, explain to it the situation, they to you will prompt what to do.

4) You are asked to pay goods, service (game, the program and t. e) in the form of SMS which actually can not exist (most dangerous).

Anyway do not lose courage, and try to return means in any ways, swindlers have to be punished.