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If tooth is extracted - what to do

In modern conditions removal of tooth is the measure compelled and necessary. It is necessary to follow a number of certain rules thanks to which quite really to minimize number of possible complications after removal of tooth.

After tooth is successfully extracted by the stomatologist, in the hole which remained on his place appears a small clot of blood. It is required to carry out certain precautionary measures that in any way not to damage it as such clot is considered to important components in the course of healing of a wound. For this purpose within the first days after removal of tooth it is not recommended to wash out a mouth and even to spit out as it can lead to clot shift. In the field of removal of tooth at first after action of anesthesia very painful site is formed therefore to chew food the teeth which are in this area, is not necessary at all. After procedure of removal of tooth for days it is necessary to exclude intensive physical activities even if personally they are habitual for you also obydenna.

needs to eat also sharp and excessively hot food, in addition for two days to exclude alcohol, cigarettes and to refrain from toothbrushing, growing near area of removal of tooth.

can brush teeth Subsequently, but not less than a week to use only toothbrushes with a soft bristle. The more responsibly you will begin to watch faultless hygiene of area of removal, rather everything will begin to live and pain will pass into nothingness. It is recommended days later after removal of tooth accurately to rinse a mouth, including area of removal, warm salty water - for what on one glass of water it is necessary to put a half of a teaspoon of salt. After removal it is not recommended to use for several days solutions for cleaning of a mouth as they can provoke irritation of all area of removal.

the Dry hole - one of the most often found problems taking place after removal of tooth. The dry hole is usually formed for the reason that the clot did not arise at all - and it sometimes happens for a variety of reasons - or was incidentally removed under the influence of any external influence. At a dry hole in a mouth there can be a heavy smack or the unpleasant smell is a result of action of bacteria. For the correct and effective treatment of a dry hole we advise to go to the qualified dentist. It will impose the wadded tampon impregnated with special medicine which reduces on a hole and gradually pain absolutely calms. Once a day it is necessary to change a tampon on a dry hole until symptoms finally and irrevocably are not gone. After removal of tooth in a bone tissue of a jaw there is an opening which is slowly filled with a bone tissue over time.

safely to finish restoration of a tooth alignment after removal, it is possible to address to dental clinic behind implantation or prosthetics of tooth.