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How to dodge from the inspector of traffic police? Extra public rules on the road :)))

How to dodge from the Inspector of traffic police?

Well dear motorists, we will talk about our expensive traffic police. What is the traffic police? Gibddeshniki`s

is those people who in the childhood did not play enough on the street and hide behind trees, behind corners and so on.

Many drivers consider that to fight with them it will not turn out and just bribe. But all of us know as it is bitter, to give the terribly earned money for anything!

I will give several comic and real ways how to dodge from the GAI officer:

1. To tell: Hello, you so recognize me or to me to wave with hands? I am Valdis Pelsh Works smoothly! Unfortunately, this way works only in one case: if you are Valdis Pelsh.

2. Having gone out of the car, to admit: Sorry, I so hurry home because diarrhea tortured. Probably, ate something... Oh, it seems " again; Then having slightly bent and pressing hands to a stomach to run off towards the next forest belt from where periodically to disclose vicinities uterine sounds. As a rule, in 30 - 40 minutes of similar sound imitation, the TRAFFIC POLICE WORKER departs from your car. If it did not occur, it is necessary to ask it to bring exacting shouts to you a piece of paper. On it even the most firm fighters of main road break.

3. Shining, to explain that you rush on the mother-in-law funeral. Views full of envy and avaricious congratulations are provided. Unfortunately, this way does not affect single Traffic police workers.

4. After short conversation, with to imitate easy turbidity of consciousness, the bearing a faint resemblance attack. After an attack in an emphasis not to recognize either the Traffic police worker, or own wife sitting on forward sitting. The wife has to explain to the Traffic police worker that you suffer from a schizophrenic split personality because of nerves, the kakovy mental disorder is confirmed by the reference (to show). And, this form of schizophrenia does not lead to restriction in driving of the car as both personalities perfectly drive the car from army (to show the military ID and the certificate of honor behind the signature a kompolka). And another cannot be responsible for speeding by one personality in any way (to show the code of laws with a bookmark on the necessary page). To add for persuasiveness what in response to unfair charges at the second personality can begin (to show uncontrollable emission of aggression a photocopy from the medical encyclopedia with the detailed description).

Sometimes works. Difficulties can arise only with collecting documents.

5. To decolour hair hydrogen peroxide to a condition of a prostynny whiteness. In advance to paste on forward and back flew down the car the huge signs disabled person driving . After the stopping wave a staff to pass meters on 100 - 150 forward and, having stopped at a roadside, without headdress to drop out of the car. To begin to move in the direction of the approaching GAI officer on a lap and elbows. One my friend quite so also arrived. Having seen from far away this heart-breaking show, the TRAFFIC POLICE WORKER in horror waved hands and cried: Companion disabled person! Ekhayte! Ekhayte is farther!

6. Once to pay penalty such large note that the GAI officer did not have a delivery. To tell: All right, nothing, I here often go. Next time you will give The Following time will never be!.

Very good way, but, to a regret, suits only for one specific GAI officer on one concrete road.

7. To go on " Zaporozhets;.

8. To go on armor long " Mercedes; black color with a small national tag on a wing accompanied by an escort of motorcyclists, several jeeps of protection and the patrol car with Xing - red flashers.

9. To die till 18 years, without having managed to receive the driver`s license.

10. To be a GAI officer.

And now it is serious!

1. NEVER to take the wheel drunk, even morning after - is more expensive to itself!

2. But if so it happened that drank or just morning after - DO NOT CHEW the MINT CHEWING GUM! Buy almond nutlets, a bag of the black " coffee; To Neskafa on a roadside for chew 50/50, the mineralochka after - 30 minutes of a smell will not be, the fact - it is proved.

3. If you were stopped and say that there is an alcohol smell, at first try to give tooth what you drank nothing, and you as the conscientious citizen are offended by similar insults.

4. If it did not help - say that do not agree to breathe in a tubule. You shout: Only examination! . As a rule, they not really want to carry you there and even if will carry - will disappear on the road.

On a personal example.

was Stopped by the GAI officer, and I was since night... with red eyes and exhaust which does not meet even standards of Euro - 2))). Of course, that began to teach me to life on what I told: You drank, from you bears . That in reply: You what, you drive? .

Versions of the answer:

a) dear, you the representative of an order, the militiaman, and so speak, it is not a shame to you? (you translate a subject, and he already thinks, as if to get rid of you);

b) if nothing helps, let writes some protocol (in case you broke and were are grungy ) and at the end you finish that the employee of traffic police was in an alcohol intoxication - in this case 90% that it will tear the protocol and will send you. And unless you need not it?

6. You stick always to the left number of the movement, traffic polices stand on a roadside on the right, and brake, as a rule, the right number of the movement.

7. Observe high-speed the modes.

8. Traffic polices always stand on:

- long-distance routes - does not demand explanations,

- on the main highways of the city in places of the greatest traffic congestion - intersections, entrance - departure on bridges - dams, departure from the downtown to the inhabited massif.

9. Never you look in the face to the employee of traffic police - the instinct of a predator will work: here it, victim! At the same time you should not go in sunglasses - instinctively the employee of traffic police can react to you, as to the dangerous personality.

10. If well you know the city - have to know the main places of dislocation of traffic police; go round them on minor streets.

11. Avoid streets with one-way traffic. Opportunities for maneuver on them are much lower.

12. When driving on the left extreme row in the direction of travel do not react to a starting signal of a staff of the employee of traffic police Even if it is obviously directed to you - in today`s road conditions to difficult sort to whom this gesture - you or the car near you is turned.

14. On a mezhgoroda - be attached behind truck of tons so 20, it is better behind two - three, but not all route, and before the main posts - you will slip percent on 99. What to kolupat the car when before you she is kind on millions?

16. It is better to study posts on a mezhgoroda previously according to the card on the Internet.

17. Buy in a drugstore B12 vitamin in capsules. One tablet suffices, and the smell will be neutralized.

There are several councils to get rid of communication with traffic police:

You keep the car clean. Dirty unreadable registration plates are the reason for a stop. Also the dirty windshield can become the reason for a stop, from - for whom it is not visible the coupon of checkup.

You keep in a stream. Lonely cars which the first break from traffic lights or lag behind a stream, stop more often. If you move in the left row, use the trucks going on the next strips for cover.

You do not look at the staff of traffic police. They are people too and too can feel on themselves others views. It is difficult to explain this effect, but if you watch the road and you do not pay attention to GAI officers, they do not pay attention to you too.

Long-distance truck drivers often use handheld transceivers and warn each other about gaishny ambushes . If you see the truck which exceeds speed, you can not doubt, there are no GAI officers nearby.

Very useful device is the radar - the detector. It reacts to all devices used by the Russian gibddeshnik for control of speed and gives the warning signal. At present penalties it is possible to pay back such device for two - three violations.

If you see that the GAI officer looks directly at your car, begin to be picked a nose defiantly. It is, of course, not really pleasant, but very effective way. As a rule, GAI officers turn away or stop other car.

If the oncoming car blinked a driving beam, prepare - ahead GAI officers. The tradition to warn passers about ambushes The traffic police operates on all former Soviet Union.

At statement of the car on the account in traffic police try to agree about delivery of beautiful registration plates. Of course, it is not cheap, but subsequently owners of cars with numbers 222 or 777 have an opportunity to save considerably on penalties - their Reg stop.

Never pass by GAI officers too slowly. The car moving with a speed of 40 km/h on the free road causes in them suspicion. Try to move with the maximum allowed speed.


Many drivers bribe inspectors of traffic police because they consider that to struggle with them in the lawful ways is useless. Citizens believe that the court will be won all the same by GAI officers therefore to himself will argue more expensively with them. But practice shows that it far not so!

The analysis of decisions on complaints of drivers to resolutions of world and regional judges which is carried out according to the decisions of the Moscow city court published on its official site led to unfavourable conclusions for judicial and promising - for the driver`s case, writes MK . To complain how it appeared, not only it is possible, but also it is very useful.

Even a glance of the inhabitant very far from it is judicial - militia kitchen, will manage to hook on some of the most interesting tendencies allowing to draw seven very important conclusions in the table:

1) It is necessary to complain. The complaint sharpens a stone.

2) It is necessary to endure only the first judicial instance. It will be simpler further: on City court it is more difficult for GAI officers to press.

3) As charge of departure on counter became the most disputable, and the second judicial instance did not see violation of traffic regulations in every fifth business, something wrong is created in the road kingdom with qualification crimes . And so, a scandalous image need urgently the legislation ripened to change and explain at last - what is meant by the mysterious words departure and obstacle

4) Case papers about violation of traffic regulations are made out so carelessly, and proofs on business time are so unconvincing and it is possible to find many openings if on to dig. At the same time nobody - neither the employee of GAI, nor the judge of the first instance - are made for inadequate execution of the duties responsible - it is not accepted. And therefore the first continue to bring unfounded accusations, and the last - to stamp doubtful quality verdicts.

5) The peak of cancellation of resolutions due to the lack of an event of an offense fell on three autumn months. Probably, in the summer when cases of violation of traffic regulations were fabricated, at the staff of GAI from - for mass holidays the plan for sticks burned, and judges of the first instance on holiday had a head.

8) Perhaps, about a half of those whom the first judicial instance sentenced to deprivation of the right of management, but who was too lazy to appeal against such judicial verdict could remain driving.

Also remember dear drivers!!!

For verification of documents you can will stop only on posts of traffic police or at special actions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, but about it you uznayet by the number of militiamen on the street at once!!! read to

Art. 63 Stop of the " vehicle;

of Administrative regulations of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation.

of I The Order No. 185 of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation is an alphabet of militia :))) remember

I that Inspectors of traffic police have too rules for which violations it is possible not only to earn by it collecting, but also to lose work!!!

of Good luck on roads!