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Pumpkin. To eat in the autumn evening? Recipes from gold storage All of us like to eat

, and tasty dishes quite often sin with high caloric content. Here it is also necessary to refuse to itself in many respects.

There comes the fall, and during this season in the markets and in shops there is a pumpkin from which it is possible to prepare the mass of tasty and useful dishes.

From pumpkin it is possible to prepare both boiled, and baked, and stewed, and even to bake bread! And bread pumpkin, will be told by me to you, very tasty, and besides also beautiful! And concedes nothing to any other bread on tastes unless in it it is much less calories, than in usual white loaf, it on a good few consists of pumpkin!

Hlebushek Piece of autumn " gold;


For its preparation to us needs a pumpkin weighing 700 grams piece;

dry yeast - 1 tablespoon without top;

flour grain - 500 g;

sugar for dispersal of yeast - 1 h a spoon;

sunflower oil or olive - 4 - 5 tablespoons;

salt - 1 h a spoon without top;

water from cooking of pumpkin - 3/4 glasses.

To peel pumpkin of a peel and seeds, to cut pieces and to boil to softness. To pull out pieces of pumpkin and to wipe through a sieve or to process in the blender. The water which remained to merge from cooking of pumpkin in a glass. It is useful for a batch.

To part yeast in heat broth from pumpkin, having added sugar and to leave in heat the place, the foam hat will not appear yet.

In a bowl to mix flour with salt, to add vegetable oil, to pour in yeast, to implicate pumpkin puree and to knead soft dough. To oil hands vegetable. Dough turns out soft and slightly sticky. In case of need it is possible to add still a little flour (flour happens different).

To leave a bowl with the test in the warm place, having covered with a film or a package. Approximately through forty - forty five minutes dough will increase twice, it it is necessary to press down and allow to approach once again, and then to bake in the oven which is in advance heated to 180-200 degrees.

It is possible to add small cut green onions, the crushed garlic to dough or, having divided dough into two parts, to add a spoon of tomato paste to one, to roll two layers, to impose them at each other and to twist roll. To put the turned-out roll on a baking sheet a seam down and to bake. Then yours of hlebushka will be with drawing - spiralky on a cut.

Stewed pumpkin on - Thai (faktong - khay)

Pumpkin - 300 g;

asparagus haricot - 5 - 6 pods;

fish sauce - 4 - 5 tablespoons;

chicken meat - 200 g;

a bulb - 1, average size;

chili pepper - to taste;

garlic - 3 - 4 large cloves;

oil for frying - 5 - 6 tablespoons.

In Thai cuisine it is accepted not to razvarivat vegetables, and is their slightly half-cooked. And instead of salt to use fish sauce (to us - a plaa). If there is no such sauce, then it is quite possible to replace it I will merge and to add a little water.

Small to chop chicken meat, to cut onions with small cubes, to cut pumpkin on medium-sized, about 3 by 3 cm pieces, to cut stryuchka of haricot on pieces of long 4 - 5 cm. A pepper - Chile and garlic istoloch in a mortar.

In a deep frying pan of the " type; wok to warm oil, to throw chicken meat, to fry slightly at continuous stirring, to afterwards throw pumpkin, onions, haricot, to pour in fish sauce and to dip slightly on weak fire, constantly disturbing. Right at the end to throw pounded pepper with garlic, to mix and lay out on a plate. To strew from above with small cut coriander greens. To give with boiled rice. Tykvenno`s

- the ginger " cupcake; Autumn

it is required by

For preparation of cake to h2:

simple wheat flour - 1 and 3/4 glasses;

of egg - 2 pieces;

sunflower oil or olive - 100 g;

the baked pumpkin or boiled, passed via the blender - 1 glass of mashed potatoes;

salt - 0,5 h a spoon without top;

sugar brown dark - 1/4 glass;

sugar simple - 1 glass;

a baking powder for the test - 1 h a spoon;

the ginger root rubbed on a small grater - 2 tablespoons (it is possible to use dry ginger powder).

In a bowl to mix flour with salt and a baking powder, to add ginger and to mix. To separately shake up eggs with sugar of both types and oil, to implicate pumpkin puree, to connect to loose ingredients and it is good to mix a spoon.

It is possible to add nuts, candied fruits, dried fruits. It is possible to combine with spices (cinnamon, a nutmeg). To put cake in the oven warmed in advance and to bake at a temperature of 180-200 degrees Celsius. Not to open an oven within 35-40 minutes then it is possible to check readiness a match. Ready cake to cool and cover with glaze.

For glaze:

to Mix icing sugar with milk. On a glass of icing sugar - 2 - 3 tablespoons of milk.

Can prepare orange glaze, in this case to replace milk with orange juice.

And now we make fragrant tea and we call house or friends. Though why to call? In - it they! Already ran together on aroma! So, we start tea drinking and we are loaded with good mood! And let behind a window fall, and at heart it is solar and warm! Bon appetit!