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St. John`s Wort for face skin: cheap - does not mean badly

To each real woman very important as her skin looks. It and is not surprising as the longer we are women we keep appeal, the more surely we feel, our mood improves, and we begin to give away smiles all and to everyone. The good health positively affects on internal health, the relation to life, positive emotions attract people around and please men.

Of course, it would be fine if skin did not grow old and always looked it is fresh and is young. But time, unfortunately, is relentless. It acts on all and everyone. Only in youth it is practically possible not to pay attention to a condition of face skin, hands and all body. A cosmetics minimum - and you are irresistible. However at more mature age care of skin, especially persons, just vital need.

Crisis cut off budgets of a set of families. Zealous hostesses began to save on everything, refusing to themselves an excess fashionable thing, a jar of expensive cream and a good face pack. Such economy can affect female appearance. What to do in such situation how with the minimum expenses to remain at height? Can come to the rescue of the ladies loving themselves the national cosmetics checked for centuries. They are inexpensive and quite available, consist of natural components that, of course, will positively affect a condition of your skin.

Infusion or cream for any type of skin can be prepared with success and in house conditions. Unlike store options, you will be precisely sure that house face treatments fresh and do not contain preservatives. I bring to your attention tincture and cream from a St. John`s Wort. This plant for centuries is used in traditional medicine and cosmetology. It is easy to find a dry St. John`s Wort practically in any drugstore.

For the combined skin well will approach wiping of the person St. John`s Wort tincture. That take to prepare it 30 - 40 g of the dry crushed St. John`s Wort, fill in it with abrupt boiled water (2 glasses) and boil thoroughly on slow fire of 10 - 15 min. Let`s broth several hours be defended and then filter it through a gauze. In total. Tincture is ready. Now it can wipe a face. Procedure needs to be repeated several times a day. After application in 5 - 10 min. the face needs to be rinsed with cool water. However it is necessary to remember that infusion of a St. John`s Wort has to be always fresh.

For wiping of fat skin can use St. John`s Wort tincture, having added to it ice cubes. It is necessary to wipe with such infusion a face every morning, using it instead of water from - under the crane. It is possible just to pour tincture in the capacity in which do ice cubes and to put it in a deep freeze. In hot summer day such cubes will be the real rescue for your skin. They will rescue you from acne rash and will moisten a face. Ice well narrows pores, and the St. John`s Wort is a good anti-septic tank.

can grease dry skin with cream of own preparation with a St. John`s Wort. For preparation of cream it is necessary to shake up 10 g of tincture of a St. John`s Wort (tablespoon) with butter (2 h a spoon). It is possible to add 2 - 3 drops of lemon juice also.

Such here useful grass - a St. John`s Wort!