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How to live if you the parent - the single? Part 3

of the decision which I made were based only on what I was confident in.

was not need to understand and consider various points of view how to raise children or to settle situations with daughters. I consulted only on my daughters, no more than that.

Mutual understanding with daughters

Ya - the person - to reach there for five minutes earlier while my wife - to reach there when we are " there;. Sometimes our various approaches led to dissonances in a family. Since then, as I ceased to struggle with girls and began to listen to them, it became much easier for me to bring Diana and Kali to school for five minutes earlier.

Was outlined a tendency of bigger coherence in education of my children. in many respects it was easier than

for my children who had to deal with my view of things. They knew what from them is expected, and also what they are able to afford and what will never escape them punishment. I was always an easy mark for night requests, for example: I want to present you a kiss, the father. or Ice cream Is possible for me, please?

of Business which I, as a rule, postponed or was not going to do at all, now I began to do quicker.

business did not concern Now Caroline (my wife) because it was not and it could not help. For example, I was horrified when business reached washing of ware. I washed a dish no more than in 5,5 seconds. The become empty pans washed no more than a second. On glasses there were prints from lips of my daughters. If Caroline was at home, I with pleasure would pass on it baton of washing of ware, but sometimes there was also it that plates were not exposed to good cleaning as at my wife, and remained dirty within several hours.

Caroline`s Treatment of children did not upset me at all and did not cause in me feeling of disagreement. Herbert Wells wrote

: There is no passion greater, than passion to change someone else`s " project;. It is surprising how often we think of as far as people are various and moreover who, than has to be engaged - in all spheres of life. With Caroline`s departure no disagreements existed. I was engaged in education, and I could only blame for failures myself.

my creativity was shown in creation of ways to entertain and occupy Diana and Kali.

When once again I saw a kidswear which formed the whole road on the way to a bathroom, I took them to a thing, came to them and told a story with the amusing name Clothes in search of a body girls fell in love with it, and I too.


Useful ideas for temporarily lonely parents

would like to share

Ya ideas which can be useful to temporarily lonely parents, especially fathers who undertake duties which they never faced earlier.

1. Obtain all necessary information which you have to know. For example, what children usually eat for lunch how to wash in what time they have to be at school and so on. All this information to which usually you did not pay attention will be very useful to you.

2. Keep sense of humour, otherwise you will lose.

3. Do not leave everything for the last moment. Make a lunch the day before and wash clothes, on your children fresh linen so far.

4. Receive invitations from perhaps bigger number of friends or family members for dinner.

5. In advance report where the second parent left. Depict them a picture and specify the place where now the parent is on the card.

6. Keep sense of humour, otherwise you will lose.

7. Find as much as possible situations with which your children will help you. Knowing

that I badly distinguish shades of flowers, Diana very much watched closely how I sort things for washing. But Kali loved to wash a floor in a bathroom, splashing it water, so far she washed.

8. Embody plans of children at least once in a week. Be not surprised if they choose Burger King lunch, ice cream, a visit of park, several frozen and pizza for dinner.

9. Plan several surprises for the children. They will help to diversify your relations with children.

10. Keep sense of humour, otherwise you will lose.

11. Place priorities as soon as your spouse left. Two of my main priorities were: in time to leave the house and not to leave dirty ware in kitchen.

12. The most important, you have to solve for yourself whether you agree to a role of the lonely parent, though for a while. If is not present, then the entire period of time that you should be with children, can just turn back a nightmare. The worst that can occur, so is that you do not want to spend personal time for them. But mine to you council - decide, and you derive enormous pleasure from time spent with children.

13. And, at last, keep sense of humour, otherwise you will lose.

Bernard Percy,

the representative of the international Applied Education, the teacher, the consultant, the expert in the field of education of children and the solution of family questions.