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What is a syndrome of a dry eye?

the Syndrome of a dry eye - a disease which is characterized by a chronic lack of moisture and a lubricant plaintive film of eyes. From a syndrome dry eye nearly ten million Americans suffer, however this disease is widespread around the world where there are computers. Though at many people this syndrome develops with age and is natural manifestation of aging, most often emergence of a syndrome is caused by other reasons.

Learn more about the reasons of emergence of a syndrome dry eye and prevention of this widespread disease. Treatment of a syndrome is not reduced to reduction of discomfort and painful feelings, but also means protection of a cornea of eyes.

A syndrome of a dry eye

our eyes are covered with a thin plaintive film which serves as greasing at the movements of an eyeball, protects it from drying, contains substances (enzymes) feeding a cornea and protecting an eye from pathogenic microbes. Besides, tears accelerate healing of injuries of eyes, wash away allergens and protect eyes. Tears are formed in the plaintive glands located around an eye. On a surface of an eye of a tear are distributed when blinking. Dryness of eyes is sometimes caused by bad quality of a plaintive film. At a syndrome dry eye development of a plaintive film is broken or the film quickly evaporates from - for the chemical composition. Syndrome dry eye often accompanies aging process, with age in an organism the lesser amount of oil is developed. Deficiency of oil influences quality and the number of development of a plaintive film as the water layer in eyes dries quicker. This disease is more widespread among women, than among men. At women during the climacteric period dryness of skin often is followed by dryness of eyes. Here the most common causes of this disease:

Hot, arid and windy climate

Big height above sea level

Tobacco smoke

Side effects of some drugs, for example, antihistaminic preparations, antidepressants, hypertension, parkinsonism medicine and contraceptive tablets

Insufficient blinking, for example, during the reading or work at the

computer Incomplete closing of eyes for centuries, an illness a century or defect of plaintive glands

From a syndrome dry eye also the people carrying contact lenses suffer, lenses absorb a plaintive film and on their surface protein collects. The intolerance of contact lenses can also be a symptom of a syndrome of a dry eye.

The main sign of dryness of eyes - a constant itch and burning in eyes. Also the feeling " is created; sand in eyes . The patient wants to rub constantly eyes. Strangely enough, excessive tearfulness of an eye can also be a syndrome sign dry eye as plaintive glands develop a large number of tears to eliminate dryness, however these tears possess bad lubricant properties. Such tears, and also the tears developed by plaintive glands as a result of response to an external irritant or an emotional shock, do not eliminate irritation and dryness of eyes at all. The patient suffering from a syndrome dry eye feels discomfort after long work at the computer or viewing of the TV. Many patients also suffer from a photophobia and periodic turbidity of sight, and also other temporary disorders of sight. Emergence in corners of eyes of viscous slime is not excluded. Even in the presence of the most insignificant symptoms at patients working capacity goes down and quality of life worsens.

Diagnostics and treatment of a syndrome of a dry eye

Syndrome dry eye it is diagnosed by the ophthalmologist who measures the speed of development and evaporation of plaintive liquid, and also defines its quality. For definition of a total slezoproduktion carry out Shirmer`s test: on a lower eyelid of the studied eye anatomic tweezers place filter paper and within several seconds a glass stick press its rough surface to bulbarny (or palpebralny) a conjunctiva. Then paper is accurately extracted. For inspection of eyes the ophthalmologist uses a slot-hole lamp (biomicroscope). For visualization of a plaintive film in the studied eye drip a small amount of dye, for example, of fluorescein.

Treatment of a syndrome dry eye consists in preservation of the maximum quantity of natural moisture of an eye. Eye drops carry out function of substitutes of tears and give only a temporary relief. In the most hard cases appoint resolvents. Topichesky steroids help at treatment of an inflammation, however at the prolonged use emergence of side effects is not excluded. In certain cases syndrome dry eye tiny tampons which place in plaintive channels help to hold plaintive liquid. These special tampons hold plaintive liquid thanks to what an eye remains humidified. Tampons can be as temporary (from soluble collagen), and constants (from silicone). In especially hard cases recommend to wear the special glasses or soft lenses holding moisture.