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Transition to Windows 7

Transition to Windows 7
according to Microsoft, by April of the current year every tenth computer worked under control of a new operating system. Windows 7 broke all records on dynamics of sales and not without the bases applies for monasteries of the most successful OS in the history of the software giant. Let`s ask a simple question: in what the reason of this success? At the answer to it in focus of our attention there will be a corporate segment - here with piracy the situation is where as it is better, than in a case with individual to users. And mechanisms work absolutely others here: CIO and finance directors are not bought on beautiful marketing reasonings about intuitively clear " interfaces; and increase in productivity . Give figures to them or, at the worst, describe real advantages to business.

A carrot and stick

Not least because of anti-piracy initiatives of Microsoft, in Russia practice of illegal use began to be curtailed business few years ago - software - existence in the organizations of counterfeit copies of operating systems today already almost exotic as risks are too big. Terms of support of outdated OSes are not infinite - since July 13, 2010 the corporation will not support the most popular configuration of OS - 32 - the digit Windows XP SP2.

Systems with the third service - Pak and 64 - digit XP versions with the established SP2 promise to support till April, 2014. Lack of support means that update of a security system will not be released - the corporate user will remain in private with the world of cybercrime very toothy nowadays. And that is more sad, third-party developers of software, most likely, are also reoriented on more perfect operating system. Business should think of transition not just to license OS, but on the last release - Windows 7.

On corporate safety the AppLocker technology will also work - now the administrator does not need to give at own risk to especially active users the expanded rights, it is enough to make only competently black or white lists of appendices, to bring exceptions, including on types of files. The user will be able independently to establish the allowed updates or new software, without throwing IT - department infinite requests. At the same time to spoil something it will not turn out - to sit under the account of the administrator for installation legitimate ON there is no need and appendices work with the virtual register. Increase of productivity - one more trump seven . Here it is even necessary to prove nothing - in a network a set of video - rollers with demonstration of almost instant loading of the personal computer, an exit from the waiting mode for only a few seconds.

As a joke in Microsoft love tell that Windows 7 managed to be put on Pentium II with 256mb RAM. Of course, in this case the company does not give guarantees of satisfaction of the user. But, however, not the productivity of system in itself is interesting, and the fact that the user, that is that employee, begins to work noticeably quicker.

People and money.

Ancient argument that 100 million users cannot be mistaken, of course, iron, but we will go a little some other way. Public examples of introduction seven the corporation does not hide, we will try to find devil in details. One of the first projects - in JSC Surgutneftegas . Pilot expansion is executed in May, 2009, i.e. long before official release of Windows 7.

the Project is realized in fighting to Wednesday, without stopping works of users. Both computers, and the application software used by oil industry workers were tested.

It is interesting that the system at the first start found practically all drivers of the connected devices - missing were loaded after connection of Windows Update. Incompatibility problem age ON it is solved due to use of the XP Mode mode. Let`s note that work in the mode of compatibility with XP is conducted on the separate virtual computer, but the user of it just does not notice.

The commercial enterprises prefer to consider benefit in money: After transition to Windows 7 several sources of direct economy of means appear at once.

In - the first, we expect to cut down expenses on the regional Internet - a traffic to 40% due to use of the BranchCache technology (together with Windows Server 2008 R2).

In - the second, the BitLocker technology will allow to refuse acquisition of stand-alone programs for enciphering of data - all is built already in an operating system and is free for us according to the Software Assurance program.

And in - the third, we already now really save the electric power at the expense of the improved opportunities of management of food of Windows 7, - Pavel Illarionov, the head of department of support and maintenance of information Europlan systems says. - At the same time transition to Windows 7 will not demand additional investments in the license thanks to the agreement of Enterprise Agreement, and will not lead to growth of IT - expenses at the expense of a migration automation equipment .

From partners of Microsoft the relation to a new operating system more than positive. In favor of migration on seven also support of producers " speaks; " gland;. It is known, for example, that netbooks with XP onboard since October, 2010 will not be issued. The personal computers new models and laptops are on sale from the preset Windows 7, the hardware which is a part of new models of system units and portable computers already not so correctly works under other OS (and often and does not work at all). Therefore both corporate, and private customers prefer seven in most cases - Vladimir Vysotsky, the head of department of electronic distribution " notes; Aksoft . All listed above factors finally influence also that the stream of migrations from the previous versions on Windows 7 is much higher, than it was at Windows Vista exit.

Representatives of integrators directly declare: Transition to Windows 7 especially in combination with MS Office 2010 which release took place quite recently will allow to increase labor productivity of staff of the company and to receive real return from software updating. And this factor is one of the main arguments in present economic conditions - Maxim Kislitsky, the area manager of Microsoft of decisions of the TopS Business Integrator company considers. It is necessary only to add that the last word all the same will remain for the user. Despite all efforts, undertaken by Microsoft, negative attitude of community to Vista was not succeeded to change corporations. A situation with seven other looks essentially, feeling that to new system long life is prepared as in a case with XP, already appeared. But whether the company will receive a wave of migrations this year, or domestic business once again will think of it at the last minute - it is unknown.

One is obvious: Windows 7 has huge potential and as this potential will be realized in IT - infrastructure of the companies.