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Sex in a bathroom of

Advantage of sex in a bathroom consists in unlimited opportunities for love games. Exactly lying in a bathroom, you can prolong preliminary caress, warm each other exciting touches, the washing procedures.

Caress each other breasts. Of course, the female breast is more susceptible to caress, but also some men test the mass of pleasure from touches of female fingers to the torso especially as, lying in soapsuds, you can slide without effort on each other bodies. It is possible to approach business and with double advantage: take the nutritious or moisturizing body cream saturated with a complex of mineral substances. Smear cream on hands and at the same time you apply with quiet movements cream each other, since the top part of a breast. Move down, leaving finally a zone around nipples. Do by hands of the movement on a spiral, around, gradually being displaced from the periphery of a breast to nipples.

After such pleasant grinding, you pass the head to washing, accompanying this procedure with massage which very much weakens. In turn begin to wash each other the head. Apply shampoo, having shaken up it in foam, and then wash away warm water, but do not stop massaging head skin: softly pull each other for hair, taking fingers small locks of hair and sliding from roots to tips.

In the relations of the man and woman there has to be a trust, and without it it is impossible to be unchained, liberated. If in your couple the confidential relations then you can suggest to shave each other. It is quite fascinating procedure which can take place rather traditionally and consist in shaving of a man`s bristle or a female leg hair. However it is possible to try also intimate shaving which will prepare you two for a culmination point even quicker, than massage.

On stupnyakh legs there are many sensitive points, stimulating which, it is possible even to test an orgasm. Toes are especially sensitive to massage. It is necessary to mass foot roundabouts with easy pressing, since a heel. Use foot cream and softly mass each other feet, without ignoring intervals between fingers.

You can make to the partner and a pedicure. And why is also not present? Let it will be made not especially professionally, but he will appreciate your care.

The back differs in special sensitivity. When you sit both in a hot foamy bathtub, massage of a back can be made quite simply as the soap body gives in to massage procedures easier. Take improvised bathing means, a sponge, a bast or a massage brush, and begin to mass serially each other backs.

Acceptance of a joint bathtub which for certain ended with sex in a bathroom can be summed up a contrast shower. From the directed cold stream your breast will become more elastic and sensitive, and intimate places under the influence of a warm shower will reach full relaxation.