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Work in Siberia watch of

the Author: Sergey Sibiryak

1. Work in Siberia watch?

Work in Siberia as watch is very specific form of the organization of work which is widespread in some industries, such as construction, oil, gas, forest, and applied generally in the Areas of Siberia, and is based on use of labor out of the place of their full-time residence at direct performance of a condition when everyday return of workers to the place of their constant residence cannot be provided. The direction of workers for work in Siberia as watch is not business trip.

2. Whether watch in Siberia is business trip?

Undoubtedly, some similarity between a shift method of work and business trip nevertheless exists, and return to permanent residence, and also in payment of the put compensations and guarantees, compensations of expenses on journey to the place of work and back consists in trips on far distance directly to place of production of works also. The law of the Russian Federation treats both of these forms of works as independent and separate categories.

3. What duration of watch?

According to the Labour Code of the Russian Federation, duration of watch should not be more than one calendar month, and change duration more than 12 hours a day, except some exceptional cases when in separate coordination with trade-union committee, duration of the rotational period can be prolonged to 2 - x months.

4. Where workers live during a shift work?

The replaceable personnel on operating time in Siberia watch, live in specially built field camps (field towns), or in other rooms which are specially equipped under housing.

5. How there is a calculation of the period of time fulfilled on watch?

Work in Siberia is considered by watch how the period of directly performed works, and inter-shift rest on object.

6. Whether there are any contraindications for a shift work in Siberia?

Only the workers who do not have medical contraindications are involved in such work and accommodation in the locations of these enterprises. And also, workers cannot be involved to a shift work and employees are younger than 18 years, the women having children under 3 years and pregnant women.

7. What compensations and privileges are put to rotational workers?

To a salary of all working rotational personnel (including also employees of the organizations and trade enterprises and public catering, transport, communication, healthcare institutions and others to which service of the collectives working with watch is assigned), some coefficients (regional, for emptiness and aridity, and for a vysokogornost) in the sizes established for workers of primary activity in places of production of works irrespective of the location of the enterprises in which payroll they consist are applied.

For employees of the organizations financed from the federal budget in the period of a shift work for each calendar day of stay, and also for the actual days of stay in way from the location of the employer (collection point) to place of production of works and back, is paid an extra charge for work in Siberia with watch in the following sizes:


in areas of the Far East and Siberia - 50% of a rate;


in the region of the Far North and districts equated to them - 75% of a rate;


in other areas - 30% of a rate.