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How to escape from a heat? Several councils in the hottest summer of

Summer of 2010 were given outright hot and solar. And still nothing in rural areas where greens and abundance of trees rescue from wearisome heat. But what to do to citizens who it is not simple are warmed in the afternoon when mercilessly bakes the sun, but also at night when us it is tender warms asphalt and plates of houses. And type questions: How to transfer a heat? or How to escape from a house heat? do not leave consciousness of people neither in the afternoon, nor at night. Let`s remember several ways how to survive during a heat.

So, we will begin...

How to survive during a heat?

There are several rules which should be observed at extreme temperatures.

1. Limit walks on the city in the afternoon. It approximately with 11. The 00th mornings and to 18 - 19. 00th evenings. Besides that the sun mercilessly shines, all surrounding objects are heated to a limit.

2. You do not go outside, without having taken with yourself cool water and a white headdress (a hat or a cap).

3. Put on light clothes and footwear. It is better to wear clothes (blouses or shirts) with the closed shoulders, so you will save skin from solar burns. Besides, your clothes reflect much more sunshine, than your skin.

4. Get a light Chinese umbrella - a cane, or find for a usual light umbrella. It is possible to go outside under an umbrella.

5. If it is necessary to leave urgently in the afternoon in shop or a drugstore, wet a shirt or a dress water by means of a spray. Until fabric dries, you will be cooled (remember lessons of physics at school).

How to escape from a heat? Several councils in the hottest leto6. You carry things from natural fine light fabrics. It is dangerous to go in synthetics to such time.

7. Protect children, especially kids to 3 - x years. You do not carry them in a carriage by the sun moreover and without headdress. The organism of the kid did not get stronger yet, and it is very simple to get a sunstroke or burns to it.

8. Before to go outside, freshen up in soul with cool water. It will clear skin, will give you forces and will cool you for 10 - 15 minutes.

9. How to eat during a heat? Eat easy food, do not overload an organism with fats. In order that it is easier to transfer a heat eat vegetables and fruit. For giving of forces it is better to eat boiled meat, fish. If there is a need, eat porridges or rye bread.

10. Drink correctly. Yes, correctly. It is not necessary to refuel soft drink or beer. It is better to drink warm or cold green tea, to eat a segment - two water-melons or melons.

How to escape from a heat? Several councils in the hottest summer

As during a heat to cool the apartment?

Of course, the best way to get rid of a heat there will be a conditioner. However not all have an opportunity to buy and establish modern equipment. How to cool a little during a heat the apartment?

There are several ways:

1. To keep a night cool in the apartment, close windows not later 9. 00 - 9. 30th mornings. If to hold windows and transoms opened, the heated air will get into the apartment and it will be very difficult to cope with it.

2. There is one more way to fight against a heat: it is possible to use a solar reflective film for windows. Tighten all windows a sun-protection film, having turned to the sun the reflecting party. Fix a film on an external window (but not on internal). So air in interwindow space will not heat up, and the air layer will not start up a day heat to you in the house.

3. Buy a humidifier, the desktop fountain or just put the big container with water in the room. Water will evaporate, air will be moistened, and temperature will go down on 1 - 1,5 degree. It will become easier to breathe.

4. Sprinkle water from a spray night curtains, carpet paths in the room. Moisture will a little refresh your dwelling.

5. It is possible to hang out in the room on one big terry towel, previously having moistened it with water. Until the towel dries, humidity in the room will be higher, than usually, and temperature will go down.

And how you escape from a heat?

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