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How to choose the SOFA?

Statistically, a sofa are bought on average once in nine years. Having made the decision on purchase, we visit different shops, we consider the range, we compare the prices. How not to make the wrong choice?

In - the first, surely sit on the model which was pleasant to you and even try to lie down (the sellers who are rather interested in the client will not begin to object).

In - the second if a sofa folding (and, most likely, such you will also buy), try to move apart it several times. At the same time it is not necessary to stand on ceremony especially with the mechanism, you should do this operation not one hundred times!

And never ask the seller a question: And a sofa on springs or on foam rubber? . Today there is such foam rubber which surpasses cheap spring blocks in quality. But - about everything one after another.

Mya - I - yagkiya!.

Upon purchase of upholstered furniture, sitting down on a sofa or a chair, you have to feel how the surface caves in. After you got up, it has to take an original form quickly. The main materials used for stuffing of pieces of upholstered furniture - polyurethane foam, a hollofayber, periotek.

Polyurethane foam - one of the main and most widespread materials for production of upholstered furniture and mattresses.

Hollofayber (synthetic down) - the new material offered as a heater and a filler. This the hollow, processed by a silicone emulsion fiber having an appearance of a spiral spring. The elastic contracting structure of fiber soft, possesses antiallergenic properties, does not absorb foreign smells, is easily erased.

Periotek - nonwoven fabric on the basis of polyester fiber. It is made by method of the vertical code of fibers that provides high reversible deformation.

Unambiguously to tell, what is better, difficult. It depends on your feelings - as far as to your body this or that stuffing is pleasant.

Do not argue on models

the Sofa with a wooden framework is very cozy and ideally supplements both a classical, and modern bedroom or a drawing room. It is more likely a subject of decoration of the room, than the vacation spot. To sit on it it is a little rather small - from - for compactness he received the second name The Sofa for lovers . Armrests of such sofa are very quickly soiled therefore it is better to stop the choice on a dark or motley upholstery.

Sofa semi-antique has a high back and it is very convenient. The leather upholstery which over the years does not grow old is especially good on such sofa, and gives to your furniture more respectable look.

A sofa - the couch has no armrests and is very convenient for short-term rest. The couch will favourably add any modern interior. Besides, on it it is possible to roll about and have a rest. But for the people having back pains, such furniture nevertheless does not approach.

It is good to have a rest on the telescope! Any model of a sofa begins

with a framework. Optimum, if it is made of a natural tree. At the same time wood has to be well dried. Not dried framework will dry at you in the apartment, and a sofa thanks to they are to creak.

At production of upholstered furniture also use of a chipboard is allowed, but these elements surely cover with a protective edge that formaldehyde pitches were not emitted vrednyedlya health of the person.

Is not less important sofa stuffing . The mechanism allowing to turn a sofa into a bed has to be reliable and easy to use. The set of various devices is now used, but all of them conditionally are divided into three main groups, and everyone has merits and demerits.

The folding mechanism happens three types: the book (the seat moves forward half and the back leans back), folding bed (the mechanism which is displayed in a berth and is under a seat) and sliding.

The most elementary option - all a habitual sofa - the book. Competently made book does not demand an occasional seat.

Idea folding beds appeared when the upholstered furniture was delivered from - for borders. It were guest options which did not intend for everyday use; now exist the strengthened folding beds which can use every day. They are completed with a spring or porolonovy mattress.

If you stopped the choice on a sofa - a folding bed, learn what it is made " of; sleeping support of the folding mechanism. The best the support from armor is considered (these are the springing plates from an interline interval; it is the best of all if their about 12), and it is desirable that armor settled down across the berth.

It is considered the most convenient vykatny the option called " telescope;. In such sofas from - under seats the additional plane moves forward, and the difference in height of two levels is compensated by pillows. Only minus - over time cheap castors therefore it is better to choose castors from rubber can spoil a floor.

Tell what upholstery at you

Considering the fact that from 40% to 60% of prime cost of a sofa it is the share of an upholstery, this question should pay special attention. Attentively read the name and characteristics of obivochny materials, and then no unfair seller will palm off on you for a nursery a usual flock at the mad price.

So, main types of obivochny material:

Jacquard - material with a high density of threads per unit area. It is most durable among woven fabrics, well holds drawing.

Shenill - ordinary textiles which structure includes fluffy threads. It is easily cleaned and practically does not stretch. From it any spots methyl alcohol or vinegar easily are removed.

Velor - soft velvety fabric with cut pile. The basis of velor is made by polyethylene fiber. It is easily cleaned. The only minus - predisposition to attrition.

Cotton - light natural fabric, the set of color options is possible. The most eco-friendly material, but is easily rumpled and quickly wears out.

A flock - fleecy fabric on a glue basis, soft, this material it is impossible to clean spirit structures, it is impossible to subject to chemical washing. Material is strongly electrified and attracts dust.

Mikrofayber - a type of flokovy fabric. It is artificial velor, does not demand special leaving.

Arpatek - soft, thin and noble material, to the touch reminds genuine leather. It is easily cleaned, it is strong on a gap, is steady against mechanical influences, long keeps color.

Thus, upholstery fabric happens synthetic, natural or mixed. Certainly, linen and cotton fabrics are most eco-friendly, but also the term of their operation is much less.

But natural fabrics keep a form better. Experts advise to choose cotton upholstery fabric for nurseries where service life of upholstered furniture usually does not exceed 5 - 7 years, and synthetic - for drawing rooms since it more wearproof and unpretentious. For apartments where there live pets, the upholstery from nonwoven fabrics best of all will approach (a flock, a mikrofayber).

As ideal it is possible to consider fabric with a teflon covering: water, tea, coffee just flow down from the sofa upholstered with such fabric without leaving marks. But price!. What, it is necessary to pay for quality.

And, of course, pay attention to some details. The factories respecting themselves upholster a back with the same upholstery fabric, as facade and the same fabric is pulled between the bottom and pillows. It is possible to look, seams are closed how accurately up, how exactly there is a number of brackets, pristrachivayushchiya an upholstery. Of course, it is trifles, but they say about how long to you will serve a sofa.