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How to choose the fan

the Fan - the device for air circulation strengthening, and also for creation of comfortable conditions on a workplace and at home. Unfortunately, unfairly forgot about the fan when in our markets such expensive devices as conditioners began to appear. However, it is absolutely unfair as the mission of the fan consists not only in cooling air around your desktop, but also to refresh stagnant air in various household rooms.

By the way, lately fans are so modified that they became almost silent and quite compact devices. Of course, the fan will not replace the conditioner, but he is capable to solve many functions. Especially the most expensive fan will cost to you much more cheaper the cheapest (so and not absolutely qualitative) the conditioner.

the Choice of the fan

what it is necessary to pay attention at the choice of the fan to? In - the first, on its mission. Where you will use this device? There are fans which not just create air circulation in the room, but also are capable to create draft. Function of the exhaust device allows to create steady air circulation in any room, to delete hot air, to eliminate unpleasant smells, steam or the dust which accumulated after cleaning. Such devices will be suitable for bathrooms, toilets and kitchens, they can also be used for garages or small workshops.

In - the second, be defined for what power the fan to you is necessary. The choice of the fan for the house - very serious problem. Depends comfortable conditions in rooms on it. If it is the exhaust fan, then it is necessary to check draft existence. Bring a lighter or a candle to an otdushnik. If the flame of a candle deviates, then draft good if is not present - then it is necessary to choose the powerful device. However do not overdo, your neighbors as everything that will blow the device in system of ventilation (dust, smells etc.) will suffer from too powerful fan will get to them through an otdushnik.

In - the third if you take the fan for the room, then it is necessary to pay attention to several trifles.

How to choose the

fan How to choose the fan for the room?

1. Size of blades and power. The choice of the household fan begins with determination of the necessary size of blades and power. If it is about the table fan, then diameter of blades can be small, the stream of air will be directed directly in a face to the person sitting at a table. Of course, for all volume of the room such fan is useless as it has small efficiency and, respectively low power.

The choice of the floor fan depends on the volume of the room in which it will be established. As a rule the blade of the floor fan is 1,5 - 2,5 times more, than at desktop. Thanks to higher power the stream of tsirkuliruyemy air will reach the most remote corners of the room, creating a cool and comfort in your room. Buying the fan for the room, specify whether there will be device capacities for your room enough.

2. Noise level. At the choice of the fan it is necessary to pay attention to noise level. For sleeping or nurseries, and also offices noise level should not exceed 28 - 30 dB. For a long time there passed that time when the fan represented the roaring monster with the blades reminding plane blades - an agriculturial aeroplane. And it cannot but please!

3. A protective grid on blades. Both desktop, and floor fans have to have a protective grid which will save from hit in the working blades of your hand or a hand of your child. It is especially important to consider this parameter to those families where there are small children. So, if the device suddenly falls, then the rotating blades will not become the reason of serious troubles as the strong and easy grid will not allow the fan to stop.

4. Form of a support and possibility of regulation of height of an obduv. Support form at different fans different. It can be also the weighted block with a rack, and the curved support for fans without support. For floor fans the support in the form of a crosspiece or a tripod, is characteristic of stability. Even if you will also touch accidentally the fan, then it will resist, will not fall.

There are on sale fans which allow to regulate support height in several provisions. So, you can lift the fan on the level of the sitting person, and it is possible to establish support height so that to you it was comfortable to have a rest at night or in the afternoon. At the same time the current of air will get on you.

5. Autoturn existence. The possibility of turn or as it is called still, rotary system is very important for ensuring comfort with function. There are fans with a case angle of rotation to 90 degrees. This function is very important for the fan as to sustain the constant stream sent to a face, very hard. And after a while the hand and lasts to switch off the fan.

At the same time if to buy the fan with autoturn, then the periodic fresh current of air will pleasantly please you.

How to choose the

6 fan. Existence of several operating modes of the device. As a rule, the high-quality fan has to have several operating modes. When switching operating modes power increases and the frequency of rotation of blades amplifies. So, if it is necessary slow having blown, it is possible to use the minimum mode. If you want to air well the room, then will be able to use 2 - 3 speed or to switch over to the maximum mode.

7. Existence of the remote control. Modern models of fans have the remote control. Only present that you will not need to get up from a sofa even then when it is necessary to include, switch off the fan, and also to change the speed or the mode. Especially this function is useful when you need to turn on the fan at night. At the same time it will not be necessary to wake up to reach the fan, to find the necessary buttons and to change the mode. All this can be made by means of the panel, already habitual for all.

8. Existence of a guarantee of the producer and service center. On it it is worth paying special attention, if the device suddenly breaks, and right after purchase, then it will be very unpleasant. Demand from the seller the warranty card, and also the press or the signature with an expiration date of a warranty period.

9. Existence of additional functions (illumination, ionization, several speeds, timer, digital display, etc.)

How to install the fan?

It is necessary to install correctly the fan in the room. Ask as? The answer to this question will depend on what fan you bought and for what purposes. If it is the ordinary table or floor fan, then process of installation will not take either time, or forces. You will just put the device as it is convenient to you.

But in case you need to install the built-in fan, for example, in ventilating system for a bathroom or a toilet, it is better to call the expert. He not only will correctly install the device with preservation of all technical parameters, but also will safely connect it to an electric network.