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How it is not necessary to earn on the Internet?

Article is addressed to beginners who, beginning to earn on the Internet, make the mass of mistakes and spend a lot of time for nothing. Always there is a wish to find an easy way, to work and earn less a lot of money, but miracles do not happen. Many still trust in miracles and receive only disappointments. Let`s try to consider ways which promise much, but do not give any earnings.

Sponsors to

needs a little history Here. In far 2000 - the m began to year boom the PILLBOX - kom, investors began to invest actively and thoughtlessly money in Online projects. Then there were sponsors who paid users for advertizing viewing, reading letters, filling of questionnaires and many other things. Money was put much therefore sponsors prospered, users earned a lot of money too.

Then the websites which urged to earn a lot of money began to propagate as mushrooms after a warm rain, practically without doing anything. In 2000 - 2001 they were still actual.

In 2002 - the m came to year crash the PILLBOX - kom, then many companies went bankrupt, and the stream of investments sharply decreased. Advertizing fell in price, investors grew wiser, and the requirement was gone in sponsors. Some sponsors still work (well not to take down the visited sites with good databases of users), but do not pay such money as earlier any more, or do not pay in general.

And the websites and remained to live on free hostings to this day, still urging to earn big money on sponsors. Beginners, coming to the similar websites, trust and try to earn so, in addition produce the similar websites and send spam forums.

Sponsors lost relevance for a long time, you even on a chewing gum will not earn from them.

Financial pyramids and MLM

Financial pyramids, having died down in real life and having left many people without money, removed to the Internet. Financial pyramids under investment funds and other mask. Usually work some time, and then vanish.

There are advanced versions of pyramids which promise the entered beginners e-books, the software, etc. (most often outdate).

MLM is a multilevel (network) marketing. There are many companies which absolutely honestly extend goods according to the scheme MLM. But more often under MLM usual financial pyramids mask. Simply often it is difficult to distinguish MLM from a usual financial pyramid.

As it is sad, but many beginners invest and, naturally, lose money.

A trap on the freelancer

It already belongs to frauds, but it is necessary to describe since users initially make a mistake.

Many beginners try to begin career of the removed worker and look for employers. Often they get on swindlers who offer work, but demand an entrance fee. Naturally, after receiving an entrance fee the employer disappears.

Remember, you under no circumstances should not pay any entrance fees to get a job. I would recommend on the contrary - to take advance payment right after performance of a test task. Without advance payment it is possible to work only with familiar or authoritative people.

Casino, roulette, totalizators. Thus in general nobody earns

though that you were not told. A casino and the bookmaker always in a prize!

Why I touched upon this subject: in the Network it is possible to download (sometimes suggest to buy) an obsolete " package; Roulettes who promises many thousands prizes in the Internet - a casino. Do not trust, the described methods do not work long ago.

With totalizators similarly, so it is impossible to earn.

Resale of objects of copyright by

objects of copyright are meant as the e-books, scripts, templates for the websites created not by you. Yes, thus it is possible to nabaryzhit it is a little money, but so you only drop the authority. Besides, the conflicts with owners of copyright, sometimes serious are possible. Try to create something the better, and you will accumulate experience.

Neglect value of the authority

the Authority on the Internet plays the increasing role, but many neglect value of the authority. Anonymity - it is good, but when business concerns work and the monetary relations, people want to know as much as possible.

Many dare to insult at a forum, to receive Bang, then to be registered under other nickname and, indifferently... The same treats communication in ICQ, on e - mail etc. Also many think that threw the person (the employer, the buyer), and it will pass absolutely with impunity, and will be noticed by nobody.

In - the first, it is easy to find you, just using a search engine and other means of search and definition of the personality. You will be found, exposed, and the bad reputation for a long time will brand your karma.

In - the second, to people with a real contact information, responses of users and a rating in various systems there is more trust. At labor exchanges, forums, the publishing websites and in blogs specially enter rating system. The rating is higher, the it is simpler to find customers, partners, buyers. At communication it is always possible to refer to responses or a rating in communication with people to confirm the authority.

In the third, you can forget perfect nonsenses, replace a nickname and start with a clean slate, but not everything is so simple. For certain there will be a person who will find you (on e - mail, ICQ, WM ID or other identifiers), and will shout then This person the yap, look here! or It (the acquaintance, the colleague) threw me! . Similar situations meet not so seldom as you think.

Protect reputation from the very beginning of the career. You will never take from the authority of a direct profit, but indirect influence is very considerable.

For the sake of the authority people write articles, have blogs, make useful recommendations at forums, etc. The same nickname (better a real surname and a name) with a contact information is usually used. As a result of people becomes recognizable and authoritative.


As you can see, do not have easy ways of earnings. It is necessary to work at own education, experience and the authority, and already then earnings of money will become a lung. Employers and partners will come to you with offers.

The Internet is oversaturated by the seekers of easy money, small swindlers and people telling things, wide of the mark. But good, skilled experts always in the price. Good experts are self-sufficient and do not depend on sponsors or success in game.

Conclusion one: to study, to work and collect precious experience.