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Reefs of remote education. How not to lose a waterway?

will not be mistaken if I tell that distance learning - the most convenient way of education. Technical means, for example, such as Skype, solved the last problem of this type of education. Real-life communication of thetas - and - thetas with the teacher is available also to the remote pupil now.

It was necessary only to convince all doubting that distance learning can be so effective, as well as usual. We will also be engaged in this.

Is not present and it is necessary to hear such remarks concerning remote education: Here I studied at school it is shaky, shakily. Did homeworks only because the strict teacher will check then. And here if I studied remotely, here me precisely nobody would force to do homeworks. And in general, when you study remotely, any to you homeworks, any checks, any dictations. Beauty!

Yes, it is probable, there are courses on which it is not necessary to perform tasks because nobody will check you. But, most likely, it is free courses when which studying all responsibility lays down only on the pupil. Though even such courses contain tests and tasks, sometimes practical which need to be executed to pass to the following task. Than free courses are bad? Only one - near you will not be the teacher who will help, will check, will tell how it is correct to make. Such inventions very often come to an end with a total failure. To study independently, it is necessary not only the desire, is necessary also ability to study which the majority does not have.

And it is possible to get together with the child and to such situation. Let`s say you live in one of the republics of the CIS, but your child in Russia will arrive. You look for for the child remote courses at good university to which you are going to come. The whole year your child with the last bit of strength prepares two educational programs Russian and republican. Copes! You go to arrive, but on the place it turns out that the decision of non-residents is made not to accept at all. All your efforts, all your expenses went for nothing, dreams failed. It is necessary to look for other places for receipt.

Starting distance learning, it is necessary to pay attention to very many things. If it is higher education institution, then it has to have a license. If it is the organization which works only on - line, then it is necessary to read responses, to look for the pupils who completed courses, to communicate to the teacher at whom you are going to study. If there is no such opportunity, means be attentive - you can be deceived.

Despite all problems which arise at remote education chances of existence and effective development in this form of education are huge. Now there are centers of remote education which render quality services. Their activity is based not only on practice, but also science. The technologies applied in resident instruction can easily be adapted for distance learning.

The range of services at remote education is really wide. It can capture persons interested to study all age, even preschool children. At the same time an education can be got at all levels: from initial to the highest.