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What is it - distance learning?

Process of training represent interaction of the teacher, trainee and tutorials. Possibilities of modern computer means and information technologies allow to assign part of functions of the teacher and part of the functions of the trainee accepted in classical form of education to tutorials. Information technologies in distance learning play a role of tools which:

provide to pupils remote access not only to a training material, but also to a large number of reference information, in the additional, accompanying form;

provide to pupils of a means of communication with the teacher, and also among themselves; today there are technical capabilities in order that the pupil who is at a great distance from training center (school, higher education institution, college, lyceum), listened and saw lecture, took part in a videoconference or got advice, executed computer laboratory experiment, etc.

exercise control and control of training process; the trainee has to be convinced, first of all itself that he understood the studied training material, understood it, remembered basic provisions, learned to put them into practice for the solution of practical tasks. On the other hand, the active role of the teacher is not less essential as his task not only to be convinced of knowledge of the ward, but also - as at resident instruction - to make the decision on updating of the program of training to achieve the best digestion of the passable material;

creations of effective exercise machines, visualization tools, the maximum use of various ways of submission of information give an opportunity: the text, graphics, video, a soundtrack, animation, i.e. what received the name multimedia ;

the Key element of creation of training with use of technologies of distance learning is ensuring remote access to educational content. Exactly thanks to such opportunity, set of the described technologies also received the name - technologies of distance learning with use of computer telecommunications. Such forms of distance learning as virtual school, remote courses are widely adopted and. other

Virtual school - educational institution in which pedagogical process and training are carried out on the Internet. Materials on training courses at virtual school are presented in electronic form and give all the best on a web - the website so that passed authorization trained could use them. These materials usually include texts of lectures on a subject, interactive tests and exercise machines, dictionaries etc. Having got acquainted with materials of a virtual lesson, trained performs a number of tasks which are automatically checked by system, with exposure of an assessment. Trained can enter interaction with network teachers, consulting in objects. Network teachers can also exercise control and an assessment of knowledge trained, communicating with it by e-mail, by phone, in a forum or by means of other technical means of communication. Certification trained at all course usually is carried out in the form of examination (internal or correspondence).

A remote course - special, based on use of modern information technologies, a form of submission of the contents of a training course. The remote course is a basic element of creation of training with use of technologies of distance learning

With the help the Internet - technologies the following forms of work are possible:

A chat - occupations - the studies which are carried out with use a chat - technologies. A chat - classes are given synchronously, that is all participants have simultaneous access to a chat. Within many remote educational institutions the chat - school works, in kotoroys the chat - offices will be organized by the help interaction of teachers and pupils.

A web - occupations - remote lessons, conferences, seminars, business games, laboratory works, practical works and other forms of the studies given by telecommunications and other opportunities World wide web . For a web - occupations are used specialized educational a web - forums - a form of work of users on a certain subject or a problem with the help of the records left on one of the websites with established on it is mute the appropriate program.

From a chat - occupations a web - forums differ in a possibility of longer (multi-day) work and asynchronous nature of interaction of pupils and teachers.

Teleconferences - are carried out, as a rule, on the basis of lists of mailing with use of e-mail. Achievement of educational tasks is characteristic of educational teleconferences. Also there are forms of distance learning at which training materials are sent by mail to regions.

Online - a seminar - a version a web - conferences, carrying out online - meetings or the presentations on the Internet in real time. In time a web - conferences everyone izuchastnik is at the computer, and contact between them is kept on the Internet by means of the loaded application installed on the computer of each participant or through a web - the appendix.

Of course, the system of distance learning is also not ideal. In - the first, there are difficulties in definition of the identity of the pupil. That is, it is impossible to check precisely so far whether takes examination our trained or someone for it. But as the solution of this problem some higher education institutions of remote education enter also obligatory internal session. In - the second, happens that it is not enough quality of the Internet to establish uninterrupted relation between trained and the teacher. In - the third, distance learning courses promote that direct contact between trained and the teacher is lost.

Distance learning perfectly is suitable for those who live in the remote areas, and also for those who owing to certain reasons cannot visit full-time courses. Besides, undoubted advantage of remote courses on the Internet is what trained can choose in what time of day it is more convenient to it to be engaged, and also to determine for itself the individual duration of occupations.

Trained remote form of education has no rigid lesson schedule, and all nuances can always be solved in the fastest way by means of e-mail, Skype or ICQ. Besides, there is an opportunity to talk to the teacher of on - line and to ask all interesting questions about this or that subject. Being trained, remote education allows not to worry that any marks will be given with addiction .