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The Russian chanson of

In social society rather widely extended the term the Russian chanson - it is the direction in music, so to speak a music genre. For representation of scale of this subject it is enough to glance on any thematic forum or the website and to see quantity of a captive audience of fans of the world musical genre the Russian chanson.

you ask yourself a question what is a chanson and the direction in a musical genre the Russian chanson is familiar not to all, now we will sort everything one after another. The word a chanson in translation from French is the word the song.

In ancient France chansons called social choral songs performed by peasants. In difference from written, literaturno - poetic educations so-called as the Russian romance. A bit later country lyud, parting, to other cities of the world also brought with themselves this culture, then - that many chansonniers were engaged in rapid development of this genre the Russian chanson. This genre developed in parallel with a pop-music. The French song was three times stronger, than the Russian. Influence of the romance began at the end of the eighteenth and at the beginning of the nineteenth century and already at the end of the nineteenth and the beginning of the twentieth century of the cabaret singer, so called songs of a genre the Russian chanson, began will captivate all world cultures including the Russian. Here then that also occurred merge to the Russian national song and the romance, Roma, Odessa and St. Petersburg were founders of a genre the Russian chanson.

Already in the twentieth - was created the thirtieth years and finally the bosyatsky genre is forbidden, also a synonym was the fragmentary genre.

From thirtieth years the Russian chanson developed by piracy methods, in an underground of emigrants. The sixtieth years, then that began, at the World festival of youth in Moscow Yves Montan in a genre the Russian chanson proved to be and the world chanson culture gave rise to three branches: the Soviet variety song, the bard song and the underground song performed by so-called social group as underground workers. All famous such chansonniers as entered these three branchings: Mark Bernes, Jean Tatlian, Evgeny Agranovich, Alexander Galich, Vladimir Vysotsky, Yuli Kim, Alexander Gorodnitsky, Alexander Dulov, Arkady Severny and Konstantin Belyaev, ensemble Brothers Pearl, Residents of Magadan and the Overtone - all these names and names of groups brought a serious contribution to development of a genre the Russian chanson.

suspect the present that the term a chanson is criminal song, it, of course, is wrong. The chanson is not criminal. Branches at a chanson much, but again, it does not mean that the chanson is not the criminal song and there are such people who emphasize the term the criminal song as part of our national property.

Anti-the chansonnier hold the opinion the criminal song from a negative side, saying that it is a sign of criminalization of society. From the point of view of humour - the chanson provokes to abuse of alcohol.

of One of branches of a chanson are songs about a zone, prison life, bondage. Also there is a branch Mikhail Kruga`s song forming such genre as criminal romanticism, an example of this genre - the Rose. Part of society as it is told above the chanson is negative to a genre, regulating thereby that the chanson is listened only by criminals of the law then how to be with such performers as: Vladimir Vysotsky, Alexander Galich, Leonid Utyosov and Yury Nikulin?

Time changes people - this most can tell that performers of a chanson will not write exclusively criminal songs. For example, Mikhail Shufutinsky, Rosenbaum Alexander and Lyubov Uspenskaya.

In a musical genre a chanson, as well as in any genre of music are important not only a lyrics, but also music. Carry the following performers of a chanson to number of beautiful chansonniers: Rosenbaum Alexander, Slava Medyanik, Anatoly Dneprov, Mikhail Krug and Alexander Kalyanov.

the Chanson belongs most often to man`s songs, but women like to listen to man`s songs. A chanson the following performers of a chanson are among women`s collective of a genre: Lyubov Uspenskaya, Katya Ogonyok and Tatyana Lebedinskaya.

the Classical chanson one of sincere genres of music, and sincere on what the soloist sings soul even if there is no voice, is the honest song which is sung only for soul, but not for acoustics. An example of the performer of a sincere song - Mark Bernes.