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For what medical examination is necessary?

Probably, will be the people liking to visit medical institutions a little and there will be very little persons interested to pass periodically medical examination for no apparent reason. But whether it is correct?

The few diseases usually arise at once (for example, injuries). Their vast majority begins gradually.

The person considers himself absolutely healthy, but during survey the doctor defines that the patient has violations in work of heart. The doctor appoints additional inspection precisely to define, than they are caused.

Other example. The doctor - the oculist can find visual frustration at the very beginning of their manifestation, so, can make the corresponding invaluable recommendations which will help to stop the progressing painful manifestations.

And the most bright example: the inspection performed by the dentist. Attentively, tooth behind tooth, the doctor looks through an oral cavity of the patient and if notices a small point - the beginning caries - offers treatment.

If to begin treatment in the very first stage of destruction, then both tooth will be kept, and treatment will be painless as much as possible.

It is obvious that in these cases medical examination will help the person to remain healthy longer.

Medical examinations were entered at a dawn of the Soviet power and received the name preventive, i.e., warning diseases.

some enterprises returned Presently too to periodically to send the employees for passing of medical examination in district clinics that, certainly, very positively.

There is a separate wish to notice that in the attitude towards own health nevertheless it is necessary to try to adhere to golden mean, i.e., not to listen every second to the organism: Oh, apparently, here pricked, and there ached, and appetite was gone! Urgently I run to the doctor, I am sick! ; but also not to treat itself too scornfully. Some situations arouse absolutely fair indignation of doctors: As so, two weeks you cannot bend a hand from - for pains, and you wait for everything that will pass by itself. Here also started an illness! .

Most often start an illness, when there is no painful feelings, and do not pay attention to any changes in an organism.

Therefore is desirable to see behind council a doctor if suddenly are found by you:

- decrease in visual acuity and hearing;

- any changes of skin (emergence of yellowness, rash etc.) ;

- a pungent unpleasant smell from a mouth;

- constant perspiration;

- the repeating nausea, a long absence of appetite;

- dacryagogue, reddening of eyes, swelling a century;

- fragility of hair, a hair loss, pleshina;

- slackness, drowsiness, desire to lie down longer;

- change in character, constant excitement, irritability.

Health - invaluable property of each person. At meetings and partings with close and dear people we wish them a kind and good health as it is the main condition and pledge of full-fledged and happy life.

The kind health which is reasonably kept and strengthened by the person provides it long and active life.