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The analysis of the speech of the president on Parade of

in the course of studying of rhetoric and art of the speech regularly appears on May 9 need for the analysis of speeches and identification of mistakes. Whose performances if not president of Russia, approach for this purpose in the best way? But, to admit, we did not want to analyze speech of the president on Victory Day parade. In total - it is really big holiday, the only national holiday, and any speech of the head of state, it all the same is this celebration an integral part. To criticize it somehow not from a hand.

But then, having looked at reaction of people, we decided to unsubscribe in couple of lines. Without serious analysis, just short note.

The matter is that nobody understood what the president spoke about. People, ordinary people, having listened to the speech, at once it was forgotten, it is visible on discussions in blogs: sunglasses of Dmitry Anatolyevich were discussed more often than his words. Journalists who cannot forget the speech in any way as it is necessary to retell it in the plots what only thoughts from it were not got - couple of dozens precisely. If not to get acquainted with the original text, the impression is made that the speaker told hour three, he managed to lift so many subjects.

Actually, speech of the president was short. You can find it on Kremlin. ru. Read it without hurrying and never, never so you speak. It not performance, and the lots of theses fastened with nothing except pathos (by the way - quite pertinent, you should not criticize for pathos of the president precisely). Any structure, any reasonableness, without the main thought, without argument, without thinking about listeners.

We conceived to sort speeches of the president in order that on errors of these speeches to learn to speak correctly, but this performance is not on May 9 performance therefore it does not make sense to sort it. Look at our text about the Thesis of the speech - definition is given there to performance at which instead of one main thought are present a little. The speech of the head of state on Parade is a fine illustration of this mistake.

But this time not to be left absolutely with nothing, let`s sort such rhetorical " tool; as Engine. Do not laugh to its children`s name, in our opinion, this elementary reception would help to make of the sorted speech of the president something more connected. Though usually for use of the Engine we chop off to our students languages.

So. The engine is when you build the subsequent offer, beginning it with the last word of the offer previous. Linking identical words the beginning and the end of offers as if cars. There is an example: I Congratulate you on a great holiday of a great Victory. Our people got a victory at the high price. But this price was justified as only thanks to the Victory we can quietly live, work, raise children now. Our children did not find war, many of them will not find any more winners of war therefore our task to tell them about it. To tell about how

Similar manners can talk for hours, and listeners will have some time feeling that they hear the coherent thought-over text. Though it and not so. This reception is used usually when the speaker in big performance forgets about what he wanted to tell further - in this case he just includes the Engine, and itself remembers the plan of performance. The engine is a supportive application, it is impossible to build on it the speech.

But the Engine, than twenty thoughts about everything at once, without transitions and without communication with each other is sometimes better.